Kevin Owens re-signed with WWE

Very surprised. Haven’t kept with with AEW but figured he would at least try it there. Guess they paid him a bunch of money or something. I’m sure most people won’t like hearing this

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I hated hearing this. I was really hoping he would go to AEW. He’s a family guy, so it doesnt totally shock me, but other than the money, I just dont see why he would stay with WWE. It seems like they have his role where they are willing to give him a main event spot, but only when they need the current champion to fill some time for a couple months.

At least do something different with him. I want to see Owens & Zayn win the tag titles. I think they’d be a great addition to the Usos, New Day, RK-Bro, Street Profits.

Good for Owens, get that money. A contract like this also makes him a target for getting cut whenever Nick Khan decides to make them.

Would have loved to see him in AEW and I think it does happen eventually

In a weird unprecedented way he could became a huge heel off this as a lot of even WWE fans probably wanted to see him jump. Could totally play up and “all about the money” kind of guy

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Not everybody can go to AEW. There’s MLW, Impact, GCW, etc.

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I know WWE has always been his dream. He’s obviously happy, and making decent money.
Selfishly I wanted to see him mix it up in AEW - but if he’s happy, good for him.

My only hope is he has a no-cut clause in there - because it makes no sense for any big contract not to.


I mean he may look at AEW and think it is a bit crowded and if WWE offered him a big contract I think this makes sense. I mean if you look at it right now Adam Cole doesn’t feel like as big a deal as he might have at a different time. Coming in on the heels of Bryan and Punk. I can see someone who is at least in a semi featured role staying with the option of going later when he would make a bigger impact. We also don’t know the terms of the contract. That said Owens seems like a guy where even if he gets cut he can go elsewhere pretty easily


Hopefully he has a no-cut clause.


Just using some numbers here but if the WWE offered him over $1 million a year and AEW countered at 500,000, if he signed a five-year deal he’s making 2.5 million extra. That’s enough money for him to probably retire on comfortably on top of the 2.5 million he’s going to earn at baseline with either company.

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The biggest difference right now would be the amount of merch money he’d take home in AEW. They have a much higher rate.

Again, hopefully he got a great payday.
“Most WWE Superstars now are simply paid a salary and they no longer receive extra money from merch, working house shows or pay-per-views. The guaranteed money talent earn, though, is higher than it ever has been. The pay structure remains different for top talent, Meltzer noted.”

He’ll be cut by end 2023
Anyone want that bet? Even money. Will Kevin Owens be part of WWE by end of 2023?

  • Yes
  • No

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Personally. Great move by KO. Take the money and worst case get cut and sign with AEW then OR get paid a lot for years.

Yup totally. Vince will get tired of him. He doesn’t have the look that gets him excited and they have never really got behind me.

When he gets pushed to the midcard and they need to shore up expenses to show a better spreadsheet to investors he will get cut.

Owens needs to be careful that he doesn’t turn into Ziggler though and stick around too long.

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This is exactly what I expected to be honest. He’s not pushed at the Roman/Brock level in wwe (who is?), but he is in that next rung down and he does get featured in a pretty prominent role. Wont say his booking is always great, but again, who’s is? Its not so much that he is underused, its more so that the product as a whole is typically booked poorly.

As great as he would be in AEW, for me, I dont want to see the “ex WWE” to “Never worked in WWE” ratio grow any more, I know this pisses some off, but that’s just my opinion as a fan. Maybe a couple years down the road when Bryan retires, or Punk retries etc. bring him in so he feels special, but right now I just think its not the time. Like @Breng77 said in his post, Cole hasn’t felt like anything special since he was brought it, I don’t want to see that happen to Owens. Now, a few years down the road, I could see that being a different story as he could be in that Bryan and/or Punk spot.


You’re right. If he signs with AEW, that is 500K x 5, so 2.5mil total. If he signs with WWE, then gets cut after two years, he makes 2mil, I’m sure he will easily make more then 500K in the next 3 years with AEW.

He doesnt get cut and makes the full 2.5mil (not to mention the bonuses which I assume are not included) then in 5 years he can still do a run there just like Punk and Bryan right now.

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Punk and Bryan could even still be there but in a year or 2 years they will be less fresh and special and Owens coming in would feel bigger than it would right now. Think of it this way Brodie Lee felt like a big signing at that time, but we’re he signed right after Bryan it wouldn’t have been as big a deal.

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Very good point, 100% agree. Look how big they made guys like Dustin and Shawn Spears feel. It’s all about timing.

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So he didn’t get a no cut clause. I’d say the odds on him getting cut before the end of his deal is now -120. Meaning more likely to happen, if I was a book maker of sorts.

I think if Vince is still in charge for the next 5 years, very strong possibility. If Vince steps down or passes away and Hunter takes over, I doubt it as he and Owens are very close.

I don’t see a downside to him being cut. I said it above if I’m him and WWE is paying much better I would take it and if I get cut in a year or 2 then AEW will be there at that point and a bit removed from the big signings of late. Him coming in 2 years down the road makes him a much bigger deal than he would be now.