Kevin Owens Wrestlemania Angle?


So Kevin Owens challenged Elton John to a match at Wrestlemania following Elton’s cancelled concert in Florida. Imagine if WWE could pull off Kevin Owens (with Shania Twain) vs Pete Dunne (with Elton John) at Wrestlemania. Add in Mauro and Nigel doing the call, to keep the Canada vs The U.K. vibe strong. It could be a hell of a match…


File this under too cool to be done in WWE right next to The Miz (and Partner) vs Johnny Bananas (from MTV Challenge) and Partner.

I talked to Johnny Bananas once at a club and he insinuated the cross promotion isn’t for lack of trying or effor on his part and MTV was game. Lol.

Wwe should do more mainstream or pop culture fun/crossover stuff. For a company that loves mainstream attention they don’t do nearly as much as I’d think they could. As a wrestling fan it’s not ideal but then again what’s ideal in wWE as a wrestling fan.


Elton only fights on Saturday nights


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That’s true…sounds like Takeover has a main event…


Elton John…that hot young upstart.