Kickstarter campaign launched for female-based wrestling series

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A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for a new wrestling series led by Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, and Amy Dumas.

The series is titled KAYfABE with Kim, Hemme, and Dumas as the public faces behind the campaign. The team also consists of Jimmy Jacobs, former WWE writer Tom Casiello, Chavo Guerrero Jr., David Sahadi, and Alisha Edwards among others.

Their goal is to raise $400,000 (U.S) to shoot a pilot episode. This is broken down to $275,000 for the production of the pilot, $64,000 in campaign rewards, $36,000 in platform fees, and $25,000 in operational costs.

They have until Tuesday, April 7th to reach their goal. They have stretch goals that go up to $4.8 million that would fund an eight-episode season.

On the Kickstarter site, they have a video with Kim, Hemme, and Dumas explaining the concept along with a trailer that features Karlee Perez (Catrina in Lucha Underground).

As of 8 pm Eastern on Monday night, the campaign has raised over $22,000 (U.S).

Below is a description of the proposed series:

KAYfABE is a one hour professional wrestling show that is 50 percent story and 50 percent in ring action. It is an edgy, racy, cinematic television series about a female led professional wrestling start up. This show is a dramatization and collection of female stories inspired by real life events.

AND YES, this is still at its core, a wrestling show with world-class, in-ring action!

But, in this unique narrative, we take you behind the curtain, into the locker room and outside of the arena. So what does that even mean? What are you watching? Why are these stories worth a shit!?

Because we present them with no filter! You get drama, passion, humor, love, anger, frustration and real life challenges. Plus, we address the 800-pound elephant in the room, and in the current landscape of the world… abuse of power, manipulation, injury, addiction, inequality and the euphoric high of pursing your life’s passion that clouds every damn decision.

So who are “we”?

We are first and foremost storytellers. A collection of wrestling insiders… outsiders… outcasts… enthusiasts and renegades. Comprised of current and former wrestling talent, writers, producers, directors, cinematographers and production talent from the entertainment and professional wrestling industries. A synergistic DREAM team if you will.

At the heart of this team is Gail Kim, Amy Dumas and Christy Hemme…. the first female talent in professional wrestling to move behind the camera as producers, agents and on the creative writing team.

Hopefully they do well, but this really reminds me of the Wrestling Retribution Project. It’s almost like, a cross between that and Dark Side of the Ring, which could be really interesting. But I hope it’s not another WRP Jeff Katz debacle.

Good luck to them, but I don’t think anyone on the planet is clamouring for more wrestling content

If they had a solid idea and plan they wouldn’t need kickstarter, there’s enough talent with the names involved to find someone to invest. It just feels wrong when people who’ve achieved the heights they have to go to a kickstarter campaign. If you believed in it that much, get financing and do it. This feels too much like putting your toe in the water with putting the people who supported you as the fall guys.

Just my two cents, I hope the heart of what they want sees the light of day.

I don’t know that your assessment is necessarily true. I mean they Kickstarted the Veronica Mars movie and that has Kristen Bell in it and she is infinitely a bigger star than any of these people.

A part of this might be to be able to show larger investors that there is some interest if they miss funding but get a lot of backers.

Hard pass on that one