Kid Kash details multiple surgeries that he plans to undergo

Originally published at Kid Kash details multiple surgeries that he plans to undergo

There are four surgeries that Kid Kash plans on undergoing.

28-year veteran of the wrestling business, Kid Kash has competed for the likes of WWE, IMPACT Wrestling/TNA, ECW and he had a brief stint with WCW. Throughout his career, the wear and tear has taken its toll on Kash’s body.

He dove into that while doing a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner. Kash stated that there are four different surgeries he is planning to undergo between now and 2023. He said he is getting his left rotator cuff worked on in October, surgery on his lower back, getting his knee re-replaced and is going to have scar tissue and bone spurs removed from one of his ankles.

I got problems man. I gotta get more surgeries. I do, yeah, yeah, yeah. I just had my hip replacement back in November, I gotta have this October. Then next year, I’m gonna have my lower back, L4 and 5 fused and then from there, the knee that I had replaced in ‘97 from ECW, I gotta have re-replaced and then this ankle here, I have an abundant amount of scar tissue and bone spurs in my ankle. So I gotta have that cut open. I gotta have all of that stuff removed so yeah, I have like four more surgeries.

In March 2020, Kash made a return to IMPACT Wrestling after being away from the company since 2013. He was in action at their ‘One Night Only’ special and also took on Moose at a TV taping.

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