Killer Kross comments on WES, says his communication was done through a liaison

Originally published at Killer Kross comments on WES, says his communication was done through a liaison

The two scheduled dates for WES shows have not panned out.

Several months ago, Gzim Selmani and Sunny Dhinsa, formerly known as ‘Rezar’ and ‘Akam’ of The Authors Pain announced their ‘Wrestling Entertainment Series’ promotion and its debut show for June 4th at the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, England.

That show was postponed and moved to July but the second date did not pan out either. Among the list of talents scheduled for the initial show was Killer Kross, who spoke about the postponement during an interview with The Wrassingh Show.

Kross stated that all his communication for the event was done through a liaison. He did not have any direct contact regarding the show, but hopes they’re able to pay it off at some point.

Everything went through a liaison for me. So I didn’t have any direct contact with anyone regarding the show. I don’t have necessarily a manager or an agent per se. But, I have several people that I go through for different fields of work in the entertainment industry whether it’s television, film, wrestling. I deal with most of my stuff hands-on. I deal with people directly. But there are a few people that I trust that have had — they’ve put many years deep into management and so forth and having connections to casting and different shows globally. So, all of my communications are basically done through that gentleman and I couldn’t tell you what exactly happened. But, it’s unfortunate. Hopefully at some point they’re able to pay it off. But all of my engagements with the person I was dealing with were super professional so…

It was mentioned to Kross that Scarlett Bordeaux said a return to IMPACT Wrestling is a “big no, no” for them. Kross first said that is a paraphrase of what Bordeaux said but confirmed that they will not be returning.

He added that they have plenty of friends who work there and are happy to see those people finding success in the company.

Well she actually didn’t say that. That’s a paraphrase . However, for the sake of continuing this conversation and giving you a little bit to work with here, respectfully, neither of us will be returning and for the record, many of our friends work there and we are very happy for the success that they are finding. There have been many people in our corner for years that still work for that company and we have never, ever been on record to say anything derogatory or negative about any company we ever worked for. That’s beneath us. There’s a lot of people involved with companies per se. When you have a problem with one or two or three people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a systemic issue. So we’re happy for everybody’s success and we’re just — we don’t live in that place anymore. We are always moving forward. So, we just leave it behind us and it’s really all I have to say about it.

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