Killer Kross: Several people tell me there were conversations of me working with Randy, Drew, Bray

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Killer Kross further speaks about his time with WWE.

In one month, Killer Kross will officially be a free agent. He spent the last several years as a part of WWE and in November 2021, he was let go from the company after competing in nine TV matches since joining the Raw roster during the summer.

Kross was one of 26 talents released from WWE during the month of November. He shared the ring with the likes of Jeff Hardy, Ricochet and Keith Lee on Raw but was not able to get a long form program going.

Kross told Chris Van Vliet during their chat that he’s been told by several people that there were conversations about him working with Randy Orton or Bray Wyatt among others while he was still in WWE. Kross added that those matches were not concrete and were just suggestions.

No, but I did have several people tell me that there were conversations of me working with Randy, Bobby, Drew, Bray and maybe Roman. But nothing was concrete, it was just mentioned as possible matchups, which I was thrilled for, who wouldn’t be? You want to work with these people, they are the best of the best. But when I got there, it was showing up and doing what they want you to do.

Scarlett Bordeaux previously shared that she and Kross thought they were going to land in AEW. Kross confirmed and explained that he was determined to find success in WWE because people were convinced that he would find success in AEW. That led to him thinking that maybe the public thought the opposite for him in WWE.

He said it was a essentially a done deal at the time and he wanted to prove to people that he could find success in the company.

Yes. Yes it was .

Both Kross and Scarlett have landed film roles. To read more about their respective roles, check out POST Wrestling’s coverage of Kross’ comments on the topic.