Killer Kross shares what he planned to say to Adam Cole during their NXT promo segment

Originally published at Killer Kross shares what he planned to say to Adam Cole during their NXT promo segment

Killer Kross had a rebuttal ready that he was not able to use.

Back in 2021, as the NXT brand was approaching TakeOver: In Your House, there was a promo segment on the weekly TV show with Adam Cole and then-NXT Champion Killer Kross. This was done so that Cole could have an in to the NXT Championship match at TakeOver.

Cole suggested that NXT did everything to make Kross look special. Cole mentioned that Kross had the cool music, lights, fog machine and Scarlett Bordeaux and all NXT ever needed to do to make Cole feel special is ring the bell.

Kross has spoken about this segment in past interviews, but during his appearance on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, he detailed the rebuttal he had prepared to use on Cole. Kross was told that he could not say it and one of the reasons that was given to him was that he was going to have a dominant performance at TakeOver.

A few people have asked me about this over the last few months because we’re gonna lose you soon and we’d like you to go over clean on everybody so you have clean kills on everybody going up. So this promo’s really for him to look strong’ and I was like, ‘No problem,’ you know what I mean? I’m killing these guys in the ring, I’m undefeated, I have the belt. It’s TV, it’s fiction. It’s a script so I was like, ‘Let him go for it.’

Kross has spoken highly of Adam Cole as a person and a wrestler. He said he tried to get a singles match with Cole for months in NXT, but that never came to fruition.

But no, he’s a good dude Gargano at least.

Kross along with Scarlett Bordeaux were released from WWE in November 2021. Last month, both talents shared that Ring of Honor, pre-Tony Khan, was interested in bringing them in for Supercard of Honor.

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