Kimber Lee under per appearance contract with IMPACT Wrestling: "They’re just letting it run out"

Originally published at Kimber Lee under per appearance contract with IMPACT Wrestling: "They’re just letting it run out"

Lee provided an update on her future in wrestling. 

The last time that Kimber Lee competed for IMPACT Wrestling was at a television taping in October 2021. In October 2022, Lee publicly shared that she had one year left on her contract with IMPACT and had been in talks with Head of Talent Relations Gail Kim about her future.

A new interview with Kimber that was conducted by Piers Austin was released. She said she’s not being used because her contract setup is a per appearance deal. 

I mean technically, technically, I’m still signed right now (to IMPACT Wrestling). I was never released from my contract, technically. They’re just not using me because I’m a per appearance contract. So, they’re just letting it run out. So that’s why I said, ‘No, I’m still signed technically.’ I don’t remember the particular circumstances of why I was holding onto it so long at that point. There was a lot going on in my life.

As of this writing, Kimber’s most recent match was in October 2022. She stated that she is not done wrestling but just needed to take time for herself. She added that she’s planning to release a YouTube series which documents her present day life. 

Right now, it’s taken a backseat for the last couple of months (her wrestling career) but I certainly want to come out and have at least one more big push, see what I can do. Australia is somewhere I have never been that is on my list. So I would love to go there. I wanna tour Europe again, I wanna go back to Japan. There’s stuff I still wanna do, I’m not done. I’m certainly not done but I just needed that time to find myself again… I was going through a lot of stuff in personal life and then that shoot job life, I was going through a lot there too because I had started in vet med and I thought that was gonna be the thing I would do after wrestling and then that turned out to be a whole sh*t show of itself and so, now I’ve actually — I’m getting ready to release the first episode of a YouTube series I’ve started because I’m now living kind of out in the middle of nowhere in a camper on two acres of land and homesteading because it’s the cheapest option for me right now. It’s kind of the thing I needed to get away from all the things that have me plugged in. I wanted to get away from cities. I get to go outside every night and see a full sky of stars, it’s beautiful. There’s so many critters around me. It’s been great for the last, about, three weeks I’ve been here now, and I’m doing a YouTube series about it and doing my laundry outside and having a clothesline and you have to turn the water on if you wanna — there’s just some things that are different but it’s been cool so I’m excited to share that and I’m also focusing on just some different things, there’s different things coming so, you’ll see (she laughed).

Tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling on AXS is the Rebellion fallout episode. Coverage of the show will be provided here on POST Wrestling. 

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