Kintaro Kanemura arrested for hit-and-run accident

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A former pro wrestler arrested in Chiba, Japan. 

TV Asahi covered the story that there was a hit-and-run accident in Chiba, Japan. On October 14th, police arrested former pro wrestler Kintaro Kanemura for hitting a woman on a bicycle and then rear-ending a car minutes later. 

The woman on the bicycle suffered minor injuries and the two individuals in the car suffered minor injuries as well. Kanemura rear-ended the car at a traffic light while the car was stopped. Per the police (via Tokyo Sports), Kanemura admitted to the charges. 

Tokyo Sports’ write-up notes that the car Kanemura was driving belonged to DDT Pro-Wrestling’s Yuji Hino. Hino took to X and commented on the situation at hand. He noted that he’s not going to defend Kanemura’s actions and he feels sorry for the those who were injured by way of his actions. 

Kanemura has not wrestled since 2016. He had a 25-year career in the sport.