Kofi Kingston isn't thinking about when his wrestling career will be over, says he's enjoying the moment

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/01/20/kofi-kingston-isnt-thinking-about-when-his-wrestling-career-will-be-over-says-hes-enjoying-the-moment/

Kofi Kingston speaks about his future as an in-ring performer.

For 16 years, Kofi Kingston has been a part of WWE. Throughout his tenure in the company, he’s tallied up a handful of Tag Team Title, U.S. and Intercontinental Title victories along with becoming WWE Champion.

Kingston is currently a part of the SmackDown brand and his partner, fellow New Day member King Woods is sidelined with a torn plantaris injury.

The Herald-Dispatch spoke with Kingston ahead of WWE’s house show in Huntington, West Virginia on January 23rd. Kingston spoke about his future as an in-ring performer and stated that he’s living in the present and he’ll know when it is time for him to step away.

Part of working smart is finding ways to entertain people. I realize part of the job is to put the body on the line. Old-time legends come back and have that little arch in the back. Man, that’s probably my future body. The body’s not supposed to do what we have to do. The WWE Universe is amazingly supportive. I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

I’ll know when it’s time, I’ve done all I can do. not having fun anymore, when my body might give out or I might get fired tomorrow. All about the moment and enjoying the moment while I’m here. (If you’re) thinking about the end, you’re not enjoying this really unique experience. It takes away from the present. I’ll treasure these days, cherish this part of life and try to enjoy it as long as I can.

It has almost been three full years since Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35. Kingston said he was at a crossroads in his career prior to the title win and was questioning if he wanted to continue on in the sport.

It was amazing. It’s all I ever wanted to do. As a kid, I pictured myself as a WWE Superstar and always imagined myself at WrestleMania wrestling for the title. It’s a childhood dream come true. You put that opportunity out there and it eventually happens. I never had a chance to compete for (it). An 11-year period. I’m at a crossroads. Do I really want to keep doing this? What am I doing? I’m working so hard and not being afforded this opportunity. I decided to keep on fighting and I’m glad I did. A lot of luck, hard work and look how it ended up. My wife had sacrificed so much, shared in that moment. My kids. Why the universe made me wait so long made it mean so much more.

Kingston, King Woods and Big E signed five-year contract extensions with WWE in 2019. Around that time, Kingston expressed that he was considering retirement after his current deal expires.