Kofi Kingston v Daniel Bryan.

New day backing up Kofi,Rowan and Harper backing up DB.
Bryan retain for the good of the planet.

They have one ppv left before mania and i could see them going this direction for fastlane. Have kofi last through the end of the chamber match until he gets screwed by the returning Harper and you have the perfect set up for a rematch for fastlane.

Hope not… Kofi is entertaining as a part of the New Day but I can’t take any of them seriously as singles competitors. It’ll take more than a good performance on one show to undo the character that he is on screen.

I hope not too. Frankly though, I can’t take the WWE Championship seriously either. It’s never presented with the prestige it deserves.

The thing with Kofi is kinda like what the British Bulldog was back in the attitude era, he’s a good performer, won every title the company as except for one of the top title, can be a main event guy at one of the minor PPV, but he’s not mania level main eventer and that’s what the WWE title should be at mania. You should have a major program for it even if it’s on the undercard.

My theory about mania is that you don’t have just one main event on the show. Sometimes you can have up to 4 main event on the show. I know that the last match on the show is suppose to be the main event match, that’s the traditional way of seeing things. But mania isn’t a traditional event, It’s the superbowl of wrestling and with that comes special rules. Last year, you had 4 main events as far as i know, Ronda’s debut match, Aj vs Nakamura, Charlotte vs asuka and lesnar vs reigns.

And that’s been the case for a while now. You have 3 main events on the undercard to headlines at the top of each hour and you have the last match of the nights. So this year, you have Rollins vs lesnar, Ronda vs charlotte vs Becky, who will fill the last 2 main event spots. Bryan vs somebody will be one and i’m guessing Shane and Miz unless Taker does comeback which is doubtful or whatever Cena is doing if he has time for a match at mania.

So the point is, does Kofi vs Bryan feel like a mania main event match? Not really, no disrespect to kofi but it feel more like a fastlane main event then mania. As for who should get that spot, i’m still hoping for Bryan vs mysterio mostly because that match hasn’t been done yet and i always wanted to see those 2 fight each other.

Anyway that’s just my take on this. I fully support a Kofi vs Bryan match but not at mania.

Yeah I think this is kind of a life time achievement push and a thank you for your service type of thing. Then again it is SD where Jinder Mahal can champ for 6 months. Overall no one sees Kofi as main event type of guy and even if they push him hard or give him the title I think the fans will loose interest pretty quickly. Dude has never been able to cut a decent promo and is by far the weakest at doing the New Day comedy promos.

If anything WWE really needs to start thinking about giving Big E a big singles push. I feel its now or never with the guy. He has been doing goofy mid card comedy stuff for like 5 years. You don’t want to get pigeon hold to that.

If you tell the story that Kofi has made drastic improvements to his wrestling since joining The New Day, but has been primarily working Tag Team matches and hasn’t had a chance to show his skills as a singles wrestler, I might buy it. But, they won’t tell that story. That also assumes that the Tag Team Champions are as good as the WWE Champions but choose to wrestle in the Tag Team division, and the show has never presented the division that way, even though they probably should if they want anybody to take Tag Teams seriously.

They should have pulled the trigger on Sunday because that was the most over Kofi will ever be. The WWE title doesnt mean much so there was no reason why they couldn’t have called an audible and made the title switch.

I have no faith they can tell a suitable story involving Kofi and a title chase so this was all a lost opportunity.

I’m glad they didn’t pull the trigger. Might have been a great moment but I can’t see his title run being anything other than a joke.

This felt like when Santino was in the elimination chamber in 2012. Where everybody were behind Santino and wanted for him to win the title so much and then at the last minute Bryan found a way to beat him and fans were still chanting for santino. It would have been a great moment back then as well if they called a audible and gave the world title to santino but it wouldn’t have made sense in the long run.

The difference between the two guys is that santino didn’t have the chance of having another PPV before mania where they could do the single match. Wrestlemania was the next Ppv and Bryan was already booked with sheamus on mania. Kofi does have the chance of having fastlane before mania and they need a title match for that show, so i wouldn’t be surprise if that’s the WWe title match for fastlane and then Bryan move on to whoever they have plan for him at mania.

Kofi is pretty much just a placeholder until mania. He’s over but i don’t see them giving him the title now because he’s seen as a good hand but not somebody that can be in the WWE title match at mania.

Would have been great to give Kofi the title for a one month run and have Bryan win it back at Fastlane. There aren’t many feel good moments in WWE these days and it’s not like a 3 week Kofi run would have hurt the belt. Hopefully they keep the momentum going but it’s doubtful.

But it would have killed bryan’s momentum with the title going into mania if you gave a 3 weeks title run to kofi. The bigger picture is to keep the bryan character strong going into mania.

Sometimes you have to think long term even if the easy thing would be to please the fans.

Bryan’s been pinned clean 3 or 4 times since winning the belt. He was the first entrant in the chamber. Losing the belt and gaining it back wouldn’t have weakened him at all because he’s not a very strong/protected champ to begin with.

With the way they treat the WWE Championship these days, you’re right, a three week Kofi title run would not have hurt the belt, because it already means nothing. With that being said, IF Kofi is treated correctly, they tell the right story, and he can cut some great promos, I’d love to see him get screwed at Fastlane, and win the title at Wrestlemania. Three month accidental program leading to a new star, and a nice Wrestlemania moment. WWE is all about Wrestlemania moments.