Kylie Rae informs fans she is no longer a professional wrestler

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IMPACT Wrestling performer Kylie Rae has posted her first public statement since Bound for Glory, announcing to members of her Patreon site that she is no longer a professional wrestler.

Good morning,

I’m truly sorry for the pain I’ve caused and miscommunication, I am currently unwell.

I’m also sorry that I wasn’t able to get this out before your monthly subscription charge.

I wanted to take this time to say I am no longer a professional wrestler and am currently taking a break from social media. It’s been a very hard decision to make but please understand. When I am well, I will try to fulfill any obligations that have missed. During this time, most tiers will not be able to be fulfilled, please feel free to unsubscribe from the membership/PatreonAccount.

Rae was scheduled to face Deonna Purrazzo at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory on October 24th and did not appear on the show.

Rae had been working for IMPACT for the past year after departing All Elite Wrestling in 2019 and making her IMPACT debut at Bound for Glory in October 2019.

Hope she gets the help that she definitely seems to need.

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I hope she gets the help she needs but I’m sorry, she basically waited a day to charge her Patreons and then told them after they got charged and that she’ll not be fulfilling whatever she would have provided for the service? Cool.

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A very bizarre and sad story.

I don’t pay any attention to Impact. What happened? Did she get injured?

What did she do for a patreon? Free t-shirts and stuff?

No injury, Kylie was set to challenge for the knockouts title at bound for glory this past Saturday but was a no-show. There was a lot of speculation, but it seems like she has some mental issues that need to be addressed.

Would love to know who got charged $150 for November before waking up to read the message

That I’m not sure of.

Does Patreon not allow for refunds if a person charges people then just doesn’t fulfill what the charge is for? Seems to me they would have to, right? I dont expect you to know, I’m kind of piggybacking off your point.

No! All pateron purchases are final and there are no refunds. Now to be fair she could of freezed the monthly payment so her par
pateron’s wouldn’t be charged, but didn’t.

All Iknow is that this is a troubling story.

All I know is I saw a recent interview with her and she said she was so happy but she seemed incredibly manic in the interview.