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I am having problems comprehending what the actual heck is going on in WWE booking. I mean, sometimes it’s cool and sometimes you ruin careers, McMahon. So I decided to go back to the bygone years of 1995 and 1996 and create my own federation, LWF (or Last name of mine I’m not going to reveal Wrestling Federation). All PPV will be like WWE’s, but there will be less idiotic booking. Plus, I will try to take suggestions from you, the Post Wrestling Forum users and take your reviews as well.

Anyway, the 20-man roster is comprised of…
The Headshrinkers (Fatu and Sione)
The Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bart Gunn)
The Bodydonnas (Skip and Zip)
The Godwinns (Henry O. and Phineas A. Godwinn)
The New NOD (Kama and Ahmed Johnson)
The Wild Kidz (Justin “Hawk” Bradshaw and 1-2-3 Kid)
Owen Hart
Jeff Jarrett
Razor Ramon
Bam Bam Bigelow
Marc Mero
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
British Bulldog

I will post on this thread the results of the first PPV, Madness, soon. But here is the match card, anyway.

Razor Ramon vs Kama (LWF Title Match)
Goldust vs British Bulldog (LWF American Title Match)
Wild Kidz vs Godwinns (LWF Tag Team Title Match)
Ahmed Johnson & Fatu vs Jeff Jarrett and Bam Bam Bigelow (Ahmed helped Kama beat Jarrett and Johnson in the LWF Title Bracket, getting him to the Championship. Jarrett beat Fatu in the first round, so there are some rivalries here.)
8-Man Battle Royal (The Bodydonnas, Smoking Gunns, HHH, Marc Mero, Sione and Owen Hart)

Also, love goes out to those on my roster who have passed and their families. May they live on forever.

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I drink,this all makes sense

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Are you doing this on TEW or another booking simulator?

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I’m intrigued by this and hope it continues on, but why is it only 20 men?

Weird choice of guys - no Bret/Shawn/UT?

Nope. Just on paper and with my mind.

My idea was NO Main Eventers, give the rest of the roster time to shine. Razor,Jeff,Bam Bam, HHH, Goldust and Ahmed battled for the Intercontinental Title during those years, so they will main event a lot.

I was going to have more, but I’m not going to have many matches (about 3-4 per weekly show, and about 4-6 per PPV) so I couldn’t have too many or they wouldn’t all get screentime.

Uh yeah, I’d book the wild kidz to lose and then the next night Justin Hawk Bradshaw shows up in a suit and limo and wins the title.

He holds the title for a year, causes ratings to plummet, becomes a commentator and then enters the hall of fame.

And lots of Ahmed talking segments

Does he become a bully too? I wasn’t want to be reminded that if you bully people you can be a hall fo Famer too. Please don’t rewrite history and take that away

As long as it builds to Ahmed going over at Mania. Just thinking of that go home promo gives me goosebumps

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Honestly, I was going with Ahmed staying face and becoming a Undertaker-ish character that murders any heels who dare cross his path, but I will take that into consideration (BTW, Madness=Mania in my world).

Also, Hawk is turning 1-2-3 Kid heel, so he has other things going on. But yeah, there will be some jabs at JBL along the way.

Overview and Results for LWF Madness (our biggest PPV of the year, happens in April)

Battle Royal: All 8 men start in the ring and kind of do their own thing. The Smoking Gunns focus on Zip and set him up for a Sidewinder, but Skip makes the save. Skip then gets tossed immediately by Bart. Meanwhile, Marc Mero and HHH are battling near the ropes and Sione tries to clothesline both of them out, but Hunter holds on whereas Marc gets eliminated. HHH teams up with Owen Hart to get Sione out of here, but their attempts fail. Meanwhile, Zip gets eliminated by Billy Gunn after a Back Body Drop. Sione headbutts HHH and Hart down and clotheslines both members of the Smoking Gunns out of the ring, leaving only three. Sione finally gets overwhelmed by HHH and Hart, but Hunter backstabs Owen Hart with a enziguiri but Owen locks him in a Sharpshooter until he passes out. Owen then tries to eliminate Sione, but Sione picks him up to powerbomb him onto the outside. Owen holds onto the ropes and tries to hurricaranna Sione, but HHH assists in eliminating Sione, putting Owen on the apron. One Big Boot to the floor, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley wins the Battle Royal.

Video Package about the Next Match (Kama gets to the LWF Championship match thanks to Johnson distracting Bam Bam and Jarrett in their respective matches. Jarrett gets back at him by distracting Johnson during his semifinal match with Razor and here we are.

Johnson & Fatu vs. Bigelow & Jarrett: Bigelow and Fatu start the match and Fatu gains the upper hand when Jarrett distracts Bigelow trying to tag himself into the match. Fatu misses a top-rope diving splash and Bigelow capitalizes with a Moonsault which gets a 2-count. Fatu tags in Ahmed who hits a Piledriver on Bigelow and sets up for a Pearl River Plunge, but Jarrett distracts him to allow Bigelow to roll him up for another 2-count. Fatu attacks Jarrett on the outside which leads to a chair being brought out and thrown into the ring. The ref throws it out, but when his back is turned, Bigelow low-blows Johnson and sets up for a Greetings From Asbury Park. Fatu jumps in to save Johnson and gets hit by a boot to the temple, but this allows Johnson to reverse the over-the-shoulder into a slam leaving both men down. Bigelow gets up first, but Fatu lands a chop-block which allows Johnson to hit the Pearl River Plunge. Jarrett stops the pin at 2 and a half, brings in a chair, drags Bigelow to his corner, tags him in and gets hit with a clothesline from Johnson onto the chair. The ref doesn’t see it, and Johnson lands the Pearl River Plunge on Jarrett while Fatu throws out Bigelow for the win. Winner: Ahmed Johnson and Fatu

Wild Kidz vs. Godwinns for the LWF Tag Team Championship: Phineas and the 1-2-3 Kid start out in the ring and the Kid uses his speed to take an advantage. Bradshaw tags in and lands a shotgun dropkick in his corner. They keep him in their corner, landing chops and double-team manuevers until he grabs a slop bucket and threatens both of them with it. He then tags in Henry who lands a Slop Drop on 1-2-3 Kid and sending him out even though he was the legal man. He tags in Phineas and they land a Double Slop Drop on Bradshaw, but the ref doesn’t count the pin. Phineas is confused and 1-2-3 Kid hits a springboard kick to the temple sending Phineas down. He brings Henry into the ring and lands a Spinning Heel Kick (or the Kid Kick as I call it) and sends him to the floor. Kid dropkicks Henry into the barricade, but allows Phineas to get up and attack him from behind. Phineas throws him in, hits a Slop Drop on both Bradshaw and Kid and pins Kid for the victory Winner and New LWF Tag Team Champs: Phineas A. and Henry O. Godwinn

Goldust vs. British Bulldog for the LWF American Championship: British Bulldog takes the advantage after a Military Press Slam and a Bulldog. He keeps in control for a long time, even hitting a springboard lariat onto Goldust when he goes to the outside. Goldust takes advantage with a dropkick onto the steel steps and throws him into the ring. Goldust hits a Running Splash and a Curtain Call for a 2 & 3/4 count and takes control. British Bulldog builds up enough strength to hit a Running Powerslam but he also gets a 2 & 3/4 count. He goes for another springboard lariat but Goldust pulls the ref into the lariat, knocking him out. Goldust lands a dropkick, puts Bulldog in the corner and hits Shattered Dreams (which is illegal because it is a low blow) while the ref is down. He then lands Curtain Call and gets the 3-count for the win. Winner and New LWF American Champion: Goldust

Razor Ramon vs Kama for the LWF Championship: Ramon takes a quick advantage by threatening Kama with his gold chain around his neck. He attacks with a DDT and a dropkick to put Kama on the floor. However, he starts looking toward the ramp waiting for Ahmed Johnson to come down and save his friend. The cycle repeats: Kama gets up, gets hit with a move, Razor looks and/or taunts the stage as if he is taunting Ahmed, repeat. Eventually, Razor picks up Kama for the Razor’s Edge and Ahmed comes down the ramp. He stands on the ramp as Razor taunts him. However, Kama gets out of position, hits Razor with a clothesline and elbow drop and sets up for the Shoulder Breaker, but he is too weak to pick him up and falls to the floor. Ahmed runs into the ring, rolls Kama out and tries to help him back up to his feet. Razor then hits a running tope on both of them and rolls Kama back into the ring. He hits Ahmed with the Razor’s Edge onto the barricade and gets back into the ring, but Kama picks him up for the Shoulder Breaker and almost gets the upset, but Razor gets his foot on the ropes. Kama goes for a splash off the top rope, but Razor gets the knees up, hits the Razor’s Edge and wins. Winner and New LWF Champion : Razor Ramon

Post-match, Jeff Jarrett and Bam Bam Bigelow attack a wounded Ahmed, only for Razor to take out both of them. He sets up a table and allows Ahmed to Pearl River Plunge Jarrett through it, we get a handshake and Razor gets his hands raised by Ahmed and Kama at the top of the ramp as the PPV cuts off.

Next: LWF Weekly Show (1st in May)
Owen Hart vs 1-2-3 Kid
Bam Bam Bigelow vs Kama
Henry O. Godwinn vs Fatu
Razor Ramon vs Goldust
The Ryde Room w/ Special Guest: Hunter Hearst Helmsley