L&WRR #11: Kenta Kobashi vs. Stan Hansen (7/29/93) w/ Rich Fann

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WH Park is joined by Rich Fann from the Pro Wrestling Torch to talk about one of the Royal Road era’s best matches: Kenta Kobashi vs. Stan Hansen from July 29, 1993 in Budokan Hall.

Rich talks about how this particular match became his gateway to 90s AJPW and the college dorm noise violation he received during his initial viewing.

Rich and WH also discuss the interesting dynamics between Hansen and Kobashi within the match and its legendary finish.

Watch the match:

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How the hell am I supposed to go back to watching modern pro wrestling after that?!? Guess I’ll just have to stick to Walter matches and he occasional big NXT match like Balor v Kyle. This match is the art of simulated combat and reminds me what I love about wrestling in general.

Who in modern wrestling would fit in with this 90s AJPW style? I’d say guys like Walter and Samoa Joe would fit perfectly. Roman is another guy I’d love to see fight in this style of match.