LA Knight explains why his rise in WWE is different than Bryan Danielson and Sami Zayn's rise in the company

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He explains why his surge in popularity is different than other cases. 

The first entrants named for the Slim Jim Battle Royal at WWE SummerSlam were L.A. Knight and Sheamus. The two talents are going one-on-one on the 8/4 Friday Night SmackDown. 

Knight has been making the media rounds promoting the upcoming Premium Live Event and one of the outlets he did an interview with was WESH. The rises of Bryan Danielson and Sami Zayn were mentioned by the interviewee and Knight explained why his rise is different from those cases. 

Well you know, look, and not to take anything away from the names that you named; Sami Zayn, Daniel Bryan, all those guys. They did amazing things to get that kind of reaction but at the same time, I think, in a weird way, you can’t even compare their thing to mine only because they had already been established, they had already had runs as champions, whether it was Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, U.S. Champion, whatever it was, they’ve had runs whereas I am completely out of the gate for most of this audience since October. Brand new and so with that in mind, to look at all the things that have happened and to be in the spots that I’ve been in and to make the most of that time and those minutes and to come from something that you’re talking about with the Max Dupri thing and to come out of that and then to be where I’m at now in all honesty should never happen. Just because of the fact of how crazy that is, how big of a turnaround that is but again, that is a testament to what I always believed and known in my heart which was that I have something different to offer and so with that in mind, yeah, I’m sure there definitely are times where I’m just like, ‘Yeah, you can do that with that’ (and shove it). There’s so much vindication. If I can just sum it up to one word, it’s vindication for sure because of anybody who’s tried to, at one way or the other, get me out of the business or whatever or somebody who’s maybe said, ‘This guy’s generic. I don’t understand his character.’ Okay, well let’s see what happens now. Here we are, here’s this generic guy, you don’t understand his character. Well apparently the whole damn world understands it and at this point, yeah, you wanna talk vindication, yeah, we’re getting it now but like I said, it’s just starting.

Throughout his time in WWE, Knight has held one title and that was the Million Dollar Championship in NXT, which he won in 2021.

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