Lars back in the firing line

Seems like opportunistic moral grandstanding by some random person just looking to stir shit…but the man did say these things on an online forum…being 22 and living in a predominantly white state could be factors for such opinions…just goes to show…if you want to or even think you may pursue a life in the limelight, don’t spout an opinion online.

Never works out well for anyone!

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You better watch it, I’m screenshotting all your comments.

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I’ll link you my old Facebook if you want maximum extra offended :joy:

Wasn’t he the same guy that had a program lined up with Cena for Mania and disappeared because of stress?

I think he has a lot of potential but whatever he’s doing has to move forward. He’s done nothing but attack people for a month and I think people have stopped reacting.

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A lot of what you say offends me but it is nothing to get anyone in trouble for :grin:


They are giving him a similar push to the one they gave Brock Lesnar when he first showed up in 2002. In my opinion, Lars doesn’t have the same freakish athleticism and it factor Brock had. I hope they don’t put him in the Summerslam main event like they did Brock.

Agreed. He doesn’t even have an impressive physique.

I actually liked the way they debuted him in NXT (big surprise) with him beating up his tag partner every week.

Rather odd how this is a thread about someone’s controversial opinions from his past and then it’s now about his TV character.

Really enforces my point t on people actually not caring about their opportune preachings when it suits their interests.

What is there to discuss about his opinions, which are already pretty common knowledge, exactly? How would you like this discussion to go in order to meet your standards?


How about the fact he was making fun of mental health issues and social anxiety while suffering from it because of this? Irony is funny.

Or how AJ Lee looks like a 16 year old Gilbert Godfried is somehow on par with minority entitlement statements or how he called his new boss a cokehead. Speculation galore on how much McMahon actually cares aboutwhat others think of him.

Naw…it just goes back to creative and who should be get the push brother…because that’s all that really matters

It would be nice if the company took a stance (as in, release him) and not stand behind somebody who is openly racist and has posted so much disgusting things. He certainly comes across like a huge piece of shit.

It would be nice… But we know that moral stances are not something this company makes.

What else is there to say?

If he actually posted those things, he’s a moron. WWE likely won’t do anything about it.

Well fortunately this isn’t Reddit. Most people here aren’t interested in circlejerking the obvious. It’s very clear how much of a moron and hypocrite he is (or at least was) without analysing his comments line by line.


We both know that isn’t true.

What was the original point of this thread?

Legit question


Lars is a dope not only for his statements, but for not being sharp enough to cover his tracks.

I’ve always said that if you’re a public figure who knows that you’ve been an idiot online in the past, at least have the common sense to delete/edit your posts.

Have the decency (or at least the financial intelligence) to be a bigot in private and not jeopardize your paper! :100:


What’s interesting is that Big E responded to it, which isn’t something you usually see, and that is a new talking point when it comes to this situation. Don’t know what type of person Lars is now but it’s obvious he has some convincing to do with Big E at least.

But Howe many 5 star matches has Brock ever had?

I would say Brock has had some really great matches in his career. He was probably in WWE’s top 10 work rate guys from 2002-2004. Looking at his more recent body of work, he has had some stinkers but he’s also really risen to the occasion for some matches.

His match with Roman at Wrestlemania 31 was brutally physical and underrated. I thought his return match against Cena in Chicago in 2012 was really great. His match against Seth this year at Mania was very serviceable.

To be fair to Lars, if you went back and looked at Brock his first month after debuting he was still very green and he learned very quickly on the job. Maybe Lars will get better, but it’s going to take a lot of improvement to get him to main event level.

Answer: the world’s largest wanking motion