Last match at Mania

I’ve been thinking about this a long time. Normally the last match of a mania is predictable. Since the split , with two titles, a celebrity match and usually a grudge match we have four potential show enders this year.

Last year we did too. I was convinced that Brock/ goldberg would close mania but that would hurt the prestige of the wwe title and the match was short. The choice they went with was Roman/Taker, a grudge match with no title. It elevated taker and roman could gloat he closed three successive manias.

Our choices this year are:

Roman/Brock- the planned closer for a year. It praises the universal over the wwe title but that doesn’t seem to be a concern for Vince. He favors Raw over SD like he favors his daughter over his son. I would say this is a no brainer but I’ve felt the build to be lackluster. They are playing the wrong roles as fans want to cheer brock and boo Roman. Also, Brock in ufc mode is bad for the match.

Bryans tag- at first i thought this should close. It played second fiddle to the wwe match this week on sd. It’ll be crazy hot and I’d love to see bryan close the show on nola once more. The problem is Vince loves his baby girl. Does he want her to be upstaged by Bryan’s match?

Mixed tag - my favorite build over all the main events. Ronda s been awkward and in think she’s a natural heel. Next year I want her leading a heEl female group feuding with Charlotte. Stephanie and hhh have been perfect. Not a mat classic but tons of heat and good booking here.

NAKA VS AJ- This is the match I’m looking forward to all weekeND. Their first match was my match of the year for 2016. I would love this match to main event to raise the prestige of the wwe title and both men. However, I want this to be a five star match and main eventing a 7 hour show might be pushing it. I would put this right in the middle of the show and say “top this” to everyone.

The verdict : there are pros and cons to each. All my friends say Roman Brock has to close. I feel it’s risky. I feel Vince favors Raw so I’m going with Ronda and Kurt winning to close the show. They can do a Wm 20 visual where Bryan and Shane come out to congratulate the victors. This could set up the draft where Ronda would be a hot commodity. And Bryan could end Mania with a YES chant for the ages!

Thoughts posters?

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I think the best way in such a long show is to leave the star power matches till the end. The casual fans won’t wait 7 hours to see Nakamura/styles but will for taker, cena, Ronda, Brock etc. and hopefully the better wrestlers on the undercard can gain a bigger fanbase. Saying that, if Ronda main events, I see everyone in that match being treated like a heel.

Why would Shane & Bryan, after probably being in a pretty brutal match earlier in the night, come out to congratulate and celebrate with the rival GM? No offence, but that’s one of the worst ideas I’ve heard thrown around.

It’s going to be Brock and Reigns…as it should be.

Reigns gonna take that torch and send Brock to UFC…goddamn Dana White already spoiled the outcome.

I would bet its going to be Reigns… he has closed the last 3 or 4, why break the trend.

If I were booking it I’d have Taker/Cena close the show to fully complete the swerve.

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I can’t see anything finishing the show, at probably something past midnight in the East, other than Roman - Brock or AJ - Nakamura.

I would be surprised to see something other than Roman - Brock main event on Sunday. At this rate, WWE can start promoting Roman’s streak of main event appearances in a row like Taker’s streak.

It’s not often I agree 100% with something Deezy has said but in this case I do. Brock/Roman should unquestionably be the main event. It’s for WWEs prize title on their A show. It’s a match years in the making. And while this is maybe an opinion for the 75% disagree thread I think the match is going to be just as good as AJ/Nakamura.

I think Shane/AJ has always had no higher than 5th highest chance to close the show.

Yes, we can vote it the closer of the show on this site, but I don’t seem them thinking that way.

I’m totally with @rick there. I’d bet Reigns, but have this strange feeling that the Taker thing is going to drag on to the end.

I cringe at the thought of Cena/Taker wrapping the show. I hope not. Such a strange build to that show. I read Vince is very hands on with that feud. I think strange is the right word.

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