Leave Sasha Alone

Reasons why to Like Sasha:

Good Gimmick
Bank Statement
Better Foot Stomp then Balor
Part of the women’s revolution
Nice body
Is a geek
Great outfits thanks to her Man
And WTF did she do to You?

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Your threads get weirder and weirder.

Was someone bashing Sasha? My only complaint is that they squandered her return.

Just out of curiosity, explain her “gimmick” to me.

The Boss gimmick? It is just a play off wording for a person who is exceedingly skilled at something. So her gimmick is she is a braggadocios wrestler with great skills. Now whether she has really lived up to that moniker is a different discussion.

Honestly at this point if feels like her gimmick is Cole screaming “IT’s BOSS TIME!!!”

I was the biggest Sasha fan in the world. I had all her hats and shirts and even the hand held bracelets.
Lately though I’ve soured on her for a number of reasons:

  1. She is really mean to her fans (here say admittedly but lots of stories)
  2. She whines a lot. She leaves WWE bc she doesn’t get her way then comes back and resigns? If you aren’t happy then leave. Don’t play these stupid games
  3. She’s a human botchfest half the time and her matches aren’t as good as they have been (HIAC wirh Becky was good though)
  4. Her promo work is horrible. Was much better in NXT

I’ve just lost interest in her

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They have had her as a face for too long she was a much better heel.

On the whining it was my understanding that she re-signed prior to “holding out” after mania. So she had something like a 5 year deal just before wanting to leave. I don’t think most talent of any can afford to take off 5 years in their prime and still stay relevant.

She isn’t my favorite but WWE has misused her much like they have basically the whole women’s roster.

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Lots of Heat in the IWC

Lots of people have heat in the IWC. But sure, just didn’t seem to make sense as a random thread on this board.

It was super important to get the women’s tag belts off Sasha and Bayley at Mania. Have to build up the Iconics and stuff.

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Do you think Iiconics being off TV is because of Spears and punishment? Like removing Renee from the booth?

More so the Iconics suck, but who knows.