Leon Slater interested in facing Je'Von Evans as part of WWE-TNA crossover

Originally published at Leon Slater interested in facing Je'Von Evans as part of WWE-TNA crossover

There are multiple matchups in WWE that interests Slater. 

The working relationship between WWE and TNA Wrestling is one that has multiple talents from both companies speaking about possibilities that could arise. 

One of the latest talents to share their thoughts on the subject was TNA’s Leon Slater. The 19-year-old Slater spoke to Cultaholic about the idea of appearing for WWE and mentioned that he’s interested in matches with A.J. Styles, NXT Champion Trick Williams and 20-year-old Je’Von Evans. 

It is extremely, extremely cool to have my name thrown up in this conversation (reports of Leon being considered for WWE-TNA crossover). I’ve been trying not to get too excited over it because it is just a rumor, it is just a report, there’s no concrete sayings as of yet, but I like to think there’s no smoke without fire. For me to be named is very cool, especially in the position I am now where I’m on TNA but I’m not the highest on the totem pole. I’m certainly not on the level of a (Steve) Maclin or a (Mike) Santana or a Josh Alexander, who I know has been named as well. So for me to be in the position I am and still being spoken of highly by people on that side is very cool and I hope we do get to explore what the prohibited portal looks like for me, for sure. 

The one I’ve been seeing on socials a lot is me and Je’Von Evans. I think even before Je’Von got signed, we were being compared as kind of like two parallels on other sides of the pond. We’re both young, we both carry ourselves with this confidence, this kind of attitude. So I think me and Je’Von would be a very interesting matchup. 

Other than him, obviously the main man Trick Williams is someone I would like to mix it up with. As far as the main roster goes, I have to say A.J. Styles, man, especially being on this side representing TNA now. I’d be super, super interested to mix it up with A.J., who really put TNA on the map.

In October 2023, former TNA President Scott D’Amore signed Leon to a contract at a house show in England. Slater was most recently in action for the company on the 5/30 program and he went one-on-one with X Division Champion Mustafa Ali.