Lesnar a free agent! fantasy book

Leads to some great fantasy booking. While he is unlikely to sign with anyone but WWE or UFC there is always a curveball chance he goes to NJPW or AEW


With Naito a champ again and EVIL being a flop imagine Lesnar entering G1 and winning or. However for me the ultimate dream would be him vs Suzuki. I salivate just thinking of it.


Have him come in and destroy Mox and hold the belt. Literally no other challengers until you have Omega face him and almost win but loses bc of Jericho to setup that fued. Stipulation is Omegas only chance to face Lesnar.

With Lesnar then threatening to leave with the title as his contract expires and throw it at the feet of Dana White or Vince McMahon have the whole locker room beg the one man they think can do it. Their last hope : Cody. After much soul searching Cody finally snaps and announces he will forgoe his stipulation challenge for the belt and conquers the beast. TheN Leads right into a program with Jericho and Omega as well.

Fantasy book Brock to take a few years off


I don’t think NJPW would have any interest in working with Brock ever again.

AEW so we can watch “those fans” do mental gymnastics to explain why every bad thing they said about him when he was in WWE no longer applies.

Also because, last I knew, Brock and Jericho have legitimate heat.


Vince : Here’s your new contract for 600k dollars per appearance.

End of the story.

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Brock Lesner’s next opponent will be either Jon Jones or Daniel Cormier. I’d put money on it.

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Yup or Stipe. I’d agree that the odds on fav or UFC if he’s not coming back to WWE

If anything with two of the biggest names in wrestling (CM punk and Brock) as free agents there will be interest in AEW having them play off this.

You could easily tease a new massive signing and have everyone tune in and deliver Rusev

Highly doubt Brock will go back to the UFC as long as USADA is around. Maybe he could fight Fedor in Japan or Russia, but that’s assuming he actually still wants to jump back into MMA. More likely he takes a break and comes back to WWE when they are desperate and willing to pay him that Brock money.

I don’t see WWE using him until fans are back.

I would actually like to see him go to Bellator, destroy Fedor and then take on one of Fedor’s new guys

Is that what he makes now? 600k is actually good i think Wai brought it up before that smack-down fox is paying 2 million an hour. 208 episodes over 4 years for whatever the exact money number was

600k is a quarter hour (almost)

depending on how long it last i do see them using him either a cinematic or thunderdome type

I am not sure Brock wants to put himself at risk unless the money is there
he really dont need another paycheck he kind of likes be left alone so maybe a good excuse for him to be. He will turn up but he will be payed!

I don’t think Lesnar wants anything to do with Jon Jones Daniel Cormier i see but USADA is a problem also high level training MMA is an issue Brock is showing his age to me he seems to have lost some mass and he tires out even way more then he ever did before. He never could or liked to take a punch I see him only taking an easy fight were he can wrestle and lay and pray to a decision ( and Iam a huge lesnar fan!)

I doubt Bellator has the money idk there financials maybe a Russian MMA org or if golden boy wants to try MMA again they do have the money. AEW can possibly afford him.

I’m fearful the fan in Tony Khan overrides the businessman in Tony Khan and he shows interest in Lesnar who, ironically hasn’t been interesting in years. The drooling over Lesnar doing the bare minimum of anything is getting pretty old.

Just feel like Brock goes back to WWE when WWE have full crowds back. I have no interest in seeing 2 move Brock (F5 and german suplex) in AEW. Brock actually fully invested having longer matches with many moves would be a fine addition to AEW plus the optics of WWEs highest paid star jumping to AEW is great for AEWs image

I always seen Brock Lesnar as this Generation Hulk Hogan he just never had a viable 2nd org to go to. Once AEW and TNT partnership was announced i right away thought Lesnar thats the guy you back your Brinks truck up to and will get eye balls moving and do the Hogan thing 2.0

Cena wont jump
Taker won’t jump
Triple H won’t jump
Goldberg even if he jumped wont be seen as a WWE steal per say

Only problem is i have no idea how to book Brock in AEW without killing AEW talent or Killing Brock if they job him out. AEW needs be a bit more established talent over to main stream audience.

I would love to see Lesnar out of the WWE environment.

Everybody seems to accept what has presented to them about what his attitude and willingness is. The guy is an incredible talent. Just because he was in an environment where he allowed and more times than not, booked to do the least amount possible - doesn’t mean that’s all he can do.

When motivated, he still can put on an incredible performance.

Personally, would love to see him mixing it up with some of the talent in AEW. But I assume he sticks with WWE for those sweet Saudi paydays.

Would love to see him go back to MMA for one or two fights. He’s had a great run in WWE and seemed to be the only guy that took what did seriously while regularly delivering whenever he was there but it’s time for something different for him. Can see that Cormier fight finally happening.

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Brock is unpredictable in that he’s one of the few guys who truly can do whatever he wants (including “nothing”).

If he wants a similar contract to his most recent WWE deal, he’s not getting that anywhere else. So there’s a chance this is just WWE not wanting to pay him while they have no live crowds and/or Brock playing hardball.

If he wants a new challenge, he could go anywhere. I think Brock is more game to do business than people give him credit for. It’s a longshot, but maybe he wants to go be “one of the boys” and work more regularly somewhere else. Not saying he’d go do weekly jobs, but he’s shown himself more than willing to take a loss if he likes the booking and sees longer-term money in it.

Last thing – and I don’t remember where I heard this, so I can’t cite it – but multiple people in the business have said that Brock is more of a family man than you would assume. Maybe he’s just going on hiatus for a bit. I’m sure WWE will always be there for a big payday if he ever gets the itch (of the competitive, creative or financial variety).

He’ll stay in WWE.

I think AEW should go “all out” though and go for a big tag match, Jericho & Brock vs Moxley & Tyson. It’ll be a spectacle.

Tyson knocks out Jericho, Mox pins him and coming out of that, you have a Jericho/Brock feud.

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