Lesnar a free agent! fantasy book

It was 500k per appearance.

I’d be shocked to see Brock in AEW. Brock has always seemed to be about purely money, and I just can’t see AEW paying out the kind of money WWE pays out specifically to Brock, especially with the Saudi shows.

I know nothing about MMA… But doesn’t Warnermedia / Turner Sports have financial stakes / interest in that ONE Fighting, or whatever?

If Brock wants to fight, I suppose Turner / AEW could work out an offer to split his time?

Maybe a completely ridiculous thought.

Does anyone have any idea when Paul Heyman’s contract with WWE expires? The two are very close. If Paul is still with WWE next year and they can have crowds again then they will definitely pay him to get him back.

But if Paul’s contract expires soon then I think it does open up more opportunities to either do a UFC fight or even get lured to AEW.

There is only one true answer: Kaiju Big Battel.


Brock Lesnar goes on Twitch and plays Fall Guys. I would pay for that to happen.

TK didn’t comment on Brock but put him over. Have to think he’s at least mildly interested even if it’s not realistic

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