Lesnar and Vince

So John, since I trust you on these stories more than any other writer on the Internet, have you found out anything more about the report from Ryan Satin about Brock and Vince getting into some kind of altercation after Mania last night?

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This seems to be an obvious work. I mean its to perfect.

It could be but I can also see Brock being pissed at the crowd reaction too.

if he went off script and shoot bloodied Reigns, he’d be fired. So unless that happens I wouldn’t put much stock in this. Also no one else is really reporting this.

There are other websites reporting it but they’re just reposting Ryan Satins story. That’s why I was wondering if John had heard anything about it as well

Brock just signed a new contract with the WWE. So the altercation was probably a hoax or blown way out of proportion.

The first report of it linked to the original site that wasn’t even loading. When that happened I didn’t put any more thought to it and dismissed the rumor as bs.


I don’t know much about this Ryan Satin…is he usually pretty reliable or does he just guess on things like this?

You guys think they worked Satin? I follow him on twitter and like him but he’s no Meltzer or John.

I followed him too. He’s way too opinionated about things on the fringe of wrestling and his feud with Russo is so attention seeking it’s annoying and I muted him.

I haven’t seen a more awkward main event since Sting and Jeff Hardy in the Impact Zone when Jeff was WUI (wrestling under influence).

A crowd entirely ignoring the ring and no selling every F5 and kick out in protest. An out of nowhere comeback that turned into a blood bath. It doesn’t shock me Brock would be annoyed.

Satin lost his source when McKenna got fired.

He knows as much as we do whenever it’s a story not involving Cody Rhodes.

I personally love when that guy gets worked!
It’s even better when it’s obvious a mile away and he bites anyway