Lets creates some WrestleMania prop bets! And Over/Under WrestleMania run time from start of the kick-off shown to the final camera shot.

I going with 6 hours 45 minutes.
Lesnar/Reigns goes on last
Taker Cena goes before the main
Start of the card will be the US title 4 way.
Shane/ Bryan vs Owens/Zayn ends first hour on main card.
Stroman vs the Bar headlines the second hour
Steph Triple H vs Rousey/Angle headlines the 3rd hour
AJ vs Nakamura headlines the 4th
Taker vs Cena and Brock vs Reigns will close the show in the last 45 minutes of the card.
Every titles will change hands except for WWE Championship.
What say you? Feel free to add things.


I’m going with 6 hours and 30 minutes.
Headlined by AJ and Nakamura
Over 4.5 title changes
Over 2.5 surprise appearances (excluding Taker)
Over 2.5 actual betting favorites lose.

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I’ll go 8 hours
I’d bet Lesnar/Reigns is ‘scheduled’ last, but I’ll guess Taker does something after them.
Agree with ya on starting match. I’ll go with Rusev Day kicking off the main card.
I’ll be crazy and say all the titles changes hands.

Including the pre show,Wrestlemania goes 7 hours 13 mins,17 minutes less than Hillbilly Jim’s Hall of fame speech

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Man I just don’t see them having the guts to go with Nakamura. Also if Roman beats Brock clean I’ll be disappointed. I’d like to see Hey man turn on Brock if Brock is going to be gone for several months I would think probably even until next year. Raw needs top heel in a bad way.

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Would be nice but I doubt the have the guts to do so.