Let's Stop Saying WWE is doing great because of $$$

Been saying it a few weeks but can we stop saying WWE is doing great because of the new TV deals so “blah blah blah”

From earnings today:
Media revenue rose 2.8% to $146.1 million, but missed the FactSet consensus estimate of $146.8 million; live events revenue dropped 13% to $23.2 million to miss expectations of $26.1 million; and consumer products revenue fell 13% to $17.0 million, below expectations of $19.2 million.

  • Live Events - down
  • Consumer Products - down
  • Ratings (not a revenue driver currently given those famous TV deals) - down
  • International Deals in flux which has caused the stock to tank another 14% this morning
  • Talent morale reported to be at an all time low

Look, we get it, WWE signed unprecedented TV rights deals for 5 years that gave them tons of cushion and set revenue records for the company. They sold their soul to the Saudi devil for another big windfall. Great!!

Everything else has gone to shit.


And you still watch and always will.

@WednesdayNiteJericho please tell me what your point is? Please explain how whether myself, or anyone on here, watching, has anything to do with the point of my post?

The point of my post was to highlight that while the TV rights deals were amazing, the sentiment that the company is doing better than ever is exaggerated; the idea that, “they are doing better than ever so they won’t change” is a misconception.

So Mr. WednesdayNiteTroll, what was the point of your post?

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To Troll
I win!

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We don’t need trolls here. If you’re going to argue make it have an actual point, not just to troll and think it’s funny.

I am sad for you.

I’m not a troll
It was a joke
The comment was relative to his post.
I don’t feel like pointing out the obvious especially when he calls me names.
Just having a bit of fun with the name calling.
I have feelings.

Joke or not, just avoid any type of trolling behavior. Thanks.

Oh so calling you WednesdayNiteTroll is now name calling? You admitted it was your point. You are living the gimmick.

What is the obvious? That people on a wrestling forum watch the weekly wrestling shows? How is that even obvious when a lot of feedback from me and others is that we are not watching regularly anymore and relying on podcasts to stay engaged.

Please, continue - what was the obvious? I’m not anxiously awaiting your next response.

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The obvious is:

WWE is doing great because their number
one priority is to make money as it is with all businesses. They need to increase their bottom line due to their financial responsibility to their shareholders.

Smarks and casuals will always watch and come back after their self imposed hiatus.

They are doing great!

But they’re making less money. How does that equal to "doing great?

The stock is down almost 20% at a time when they have record TV deals kicking into effect.

Put it this way, Kevin Dunn, not even a McMahon lost approx $1.5million dollars on paper today.

Do you know how to read a financial report? I’m not trolling you with that question either - the Key Performance Indicators are all trending lower. They don’t even sound optimistic themselves about the Network being able to grow subscribers. They haven’t had a + quarter in consumer products and the video game they just launched which might help Q4 has been universally panned.

I haven’t had time to listen to the full call yet, but I can assure you no investor is happy with how they’ve run the ship ever since getting those rights deals.

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They think long term, they are not day traders who have to freak out when their stock is down for “a morning” or their stock is down for weeks. Long term investors are fine. Stock scare is for pundits and for people who don’t know about investing. The Fox deal is Huge!

So explain how these numbers are great

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I heard the call.
Great time to buy when everyone is freaking out and overreacting, like yourself. Keep on selling.

MJ, I’m anxiously awaiting your call into the hangout tonight.

They aren’t great, but long term they are meaningless. The company overall is doing great. Perspective.

So they’re doing great but the numbers aren’t great. Terrific analysis.

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@Brad_The_Archivist please delete this thread I’m embarrassed to be part of it.

But since I am:

  1. YTD they are down $25 (or 31%); from the high before Mania when it hit 100 they are down almost 50%. For context, the stock is closer today to where it was BEFORE the TV deal was announced than it is to the 52 week high.
  2. The Fox deal is for 5 years…do you recall what happen to the stock in 2014 when they failed to meet expectations for TV rights deals? Here is a reminder - it dropped to $13 a share. What do you think is going to happen in 4 years when it is time to renegotiate deals and there isn’t a prayer they are getting this kind of money again?
    Now maybe in the next 24 months the ratings turn around and the investment by Fox and USA are well worth it and they re-up, but that is entirely on management and creative to turn around and right now there isn’t much faith in that happening

To say the company is doing great when major business segments are down, and the network is stagnant, is a tough argument to make. The market is telling you that if not for this TV deal they’d be in the gutter. It’s really a shame.

The McMahon family probably lost 50-100 million dollars today on paper, not even they would tell you things are great, yet our resident troll @WednesdayNiteJericho is out here saying, everything is fine

Trading at a huge multiple
Massive Fox cash infusion
International tv deals will of course go through
Saudi money whenever
Stocks ebb and flow
They are a long term play company. That is why they have been around forever and always win.