Leva Bates has a double contract with AEW, discusses her other duties in the company

Originally published at Leva Bates has a double contract with AEW, discusses her other duties in the company

Leva Bates lists her additional duties in AEW.

Since April of 2019, Leva Bates has been a part of All Elite Wrestling and present day, she has taken on more behind-the-scenes roles in the company. In addition to her being a contracted talent, Leva shared on Thunder Rosa’s vlog that she is also contracted for her office role.

She detailed her behind-the-scenes duties and shared that she helps with Public Relations, runs the makeup and wardrobe departments along with co-running the interactive ‘Heels’ club. Bates said she and Brandi Rhodes would do those things together.

So, I don’t know if a lot of people know this or not, I feel like I’ve been a little bit more open about it. I’m a double contract, which means I’m talent but I’m also office so, I run the makeup department, the wardrobe department, I do P.R., I co-run ‘Heels’. I am like the connector between a lot of different departments, like especially if Speedy and I did together. I’m still doing it so, I do a lot of things. I’m also the ‘mood maker’, I like to call myself. I do birthday cakes.

Leva wrestles sporadically for AEW and the last time she was in action for the company was at a Dark taping in early May. She wants to continue wrestling, but also has made strides that will help her pursue a career in acting and voiceover work.

Focusing really hard on going back to my acting roots. So, getting agents, I got an agent, I got a con agent, I got an acting agent, I’m trying to get more agents in areas, different areas. But, I started doing small modeling gigs, doing music videos, you know, trying to get my foot in the door. I have my acting reel, I have my voiceover reel. I definitely want — I mean I love wrestling and I had so much fun today and I would love to continue wrestling whether it’s AEW, somewhere else, I want to continue to perform. I’m a big performer but, I also wanna look at all my other options and all my other avenues because that’s just something that’s in my heart and in my soul. I wanna perform, so I’m trying to do it all so, I would love to see myself on — my goal is to be on a Netflix TV show. I think that would be the coolest thing ever. That or hear my voice on Crunchyroll. It’s the anime streaming service. I think it’d be really cool to be a voice of some sort of an iconic character, be in a video game.

Bates wrestled for Thunder Rosa’s Mission Pro Wrestling promotion in late June and challenged for the MPW Title. Her 15 year anniversary in wrestling was this past May.

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