Lex Luger shares that WWE told him he could attend Sting's final match at AEW Revolution, couldn't appear on camera

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Elsewhere in the conversation, Luger said he’d want Sting to induct him into WWE’s Hall of Fame. 

The 40-year pro wrestling career of Sting came to a close at AEW Revolution where he had his final match. He wrapped up his time in AEW undefeated and as World Tag Team Champion alongside Darby Allin. 

Among those in attendance for the pay-per-view and Sting’s final bout were Magnum T.A., Nikita Koloff and Scotty Riggs who all were shown on-screen. Lex Luger and Diamond Dallas Page were in attendance as well. 

Luger spoke about being at the event while on Busted Open Radio. D.D.P. chimed in on the conversation and added that they were off camera. Luger said WWE told them they could go but just not to be on camera. 

Luger: Incredible atmosphere (for Sting’s final match). When I first heard, I asked him a few days before, ‘Are you guys going on last?’ I guess they debated that a little bit, and sometimes those pay-per-views, they do the warm-up show and sometimes the crowd can — it was hot in there. My God, it was hot in there. But you can lose the crowd a little bit but that crowd was phenomenal. They stayed hot. They were lit for the match which I was so excited. They got us out there so we could kind of soak in the atmosphere. 

DDP: Off camera, off camera. 

Luger: WWE is classy. They said we can go and everything. Just don’t be on camera. It’ll be a part of the match. 

If Luger were to be inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame, the first person that comes to mind to induct him is Sting. 

Luger: Oh wow. Probably Stinger would be the first person that pops up if he could do it (induct me into WWE’s Hall of Fame). I did (induct Sting into TNA’s Hall of Fame). I did, yeah.

WWE’s Hall of Fame ceremony is taking place on April 5th and as of this writing, Paul Heyman and Bull Nakano are scheduled to honored. 

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Luger should be in the hall already tbh.

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Ugh why? He’s never been that good and if you hear Benoit talk about him you see that they knew he hated wrestling etc.

He failed in WWE as lead and sure he was a decent talent in WCW but I don’t think he’s a slam dunk. He’s also responsible in a lot of ways for Liz dying and not helping her. Hardly some hero

His resume alone is better than koko b ware


True! I mean Koko is one dropkick away from being a jobber

If Luger doesn’t belong in because he had a failed (and relatively short) WWF run, then neither does Sting. Or Vader, DDP, or any of the guys who never worked in the company at all. At some point, you just have to let the WWE Hall of Fame be stupid and not watch if you don’t want to.