Linda McMahon's cabinet "red flags" vetting summary leaked, basically listing every bad thing WWE/F has ever done.

all not as bad as having Corbin main event a PPV

My favorite bit is this

NOTE: The Harford Courant Reported That In 1976 The McMahons Filed For Bankruptcy. “It was
1976. McMahon and her husband, Vincent K. McMahon, had just lost a lot of money in a series of bad
investments, ranging from a construction company that went belly up, to a money-losing deal to
simulcast motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel’s jump across the Snake River Canyon in Idaho. The couple
had a 7-year-old son, and Linda was pregnant with their second child. They lost their home and their cars,
she said, and they had to file for bankruptcy.”

The parts about angles are whatever in my opinion. The behind the scenes stuff will be a lot more difficult for Linda/WWE to address. The Pat Patterson stuff cropping up again could be messy. Also, I wonder what was redacted.

There may be some non-USA members asking what this is.

Its the document put together by the Republican National Convention (RNC) after President Trump was elected in November 2016. The RNC essentially conducted in-depth background checks of the people Trump was thinking about appointing in his administration. The purpose is to look for any controversial materials that could make the president look bad, or at least give the administration a chance to prepare for any questions.

Since Linda left her cabinet position earlier this year, releasing the background documents now mean pretty much nothing.

And i’m sure Linda’s background didn’t contain nearly as many “red flags” as other Trump appointees (or Trump himself for that matter). Although if they were going to do it now i’m sure WWE’s cozy relationship with Saudi Arabia would be listed.