Lio Rush ambushes Joey Janela at GCW 'Homecoming'

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Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush was released from the WWE back in April as a part of the company’s mass cuts and furloughs. In the weeks and months following his release, Rush contemplated stepping away from the sport of pro wrestling to focus on music but he made his return at Game Changer Wrestling’s ‘Homecoming’ event in New Jersey.

Rush appeared at the conclusion of Joey Janela’s match against Yoshihiko for the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship. Rush came into the ring dressed as one of Yoshihiko’s “handlers” and hit a Spanish Fly on Janela and then took off his mask.


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Lio Rush and Joey Janela have a storied history in pro wrestling that dates back to their days in CZW. Results from day one of GCW’s ‘Homecoming’ event will be in the 7/26 POST News Update. Day two of the GCW festivities kick off tomorrow at 5 PM EST.


Eric Young said there’s a problem in WWE that everyone has to walk and talk the same. I look at Lio Rush and see another person they dropped the ball on. The Emma tweet was a great heel tweet, they aren’t all on a team and being happy worker bees their supposed to be individuals and stand out and you had Bray Wyatt break character to tell Rush he was wrong. I hope New Japan USA has a spot for him

I think Lance Storm addressed what Eric Young said perfectly.

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** Former WWE agent Lance Storm was the focus of a Q&A session for the Figure Four Daily podcast. Lance reacted to Eric Young’s comments about WWE being a “broken system” and his experience with the company while he was on RAW and SmackDown. Storm explained that there are varying opinions that some have about the inner-workings of the WWE system but that feeling comes down to whether said individual is being spotlighted or not.

“I think you’re half right, because I think many people have both . When you’re in favor of creative and they are focusing on you, it can be the greatest place in the world, and when for whatever reasons — not always your fault, sometimes it is — you’re not the focus or you haven’t been the one they’ve decided to go with or they don’t have ideas for you and then it could be a frustrating, horrible place. But I would think you get that everywhere. Whether it’d be WCW, TNA. I would imagine AEW stays around long enough, there will be someone eventually that wishes they were used better and done more with and thought they deserved it. So, that’s the whole thing and obviously I’m a big fan of Eric Young. I think the guy is ridiculously talented, obscenely versatile and he did what? He wrestled on Main Event and he sat in catering. So I can see why he hated the process because he wasn’t figured in and used, and again, when you look at my run there, there was times I was I.C. Champ, I was in the Un-Americans and it was great. I was on pay-per-view. I worked with Hogan, I worked with Rock, I worked with Edge. It was phenomenal, and then there was times where I’m one of the eight guys betting on a Mark Henry lift of strength, or you’re doing a two-minute job for somebody you think you’re more talented than. It’s like, that’s wrestling. I think that’s probably why you get so many different views of what people think WWE is. When you’re in favor, it’s the greatest place in the world and when you’re out of favor, it’s not so much.”

Yes that’s where I heard it last night

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Rush has so much God damn talent. I just hope his attitude doesn’t hold him back.

I remember when he first debuted on the main roster, I loved the stuff he did with Elias.