Liv Morgan arrested in Florida, facing marijuana possession charges

Originally published at Liv Morgan arrested in Florida, facing marijuana possession charges

WWE performer Liv Morgan (real name Gionna Daddio) was arrested on Thursday and is facing several drug-related possession charges.

Daddio, 29, was pulled over on Thursday evening in Sumter County in Florida when a sheriff’s deputy noticed her erratic driving and was crossing over the yellow and white lines on the road multiple times, according to the Village News.

When approaching the vehicle, the deputy detected the smell of marijuana and found a plastic bag containing marijuana along with a vape pen that contained “an oil-like substance” and tested positive for marijuana.

Daddio was arrested and later released on a $3,000 bond with reporting that she will be arraigned on her charges on February 12, 2024.

Daddio is facing charges of possession of a synthetic cannabinoid, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug equipment.

Liv Morgan has been out of action since July due to a shoulder injury and recently attended a screening of The Iron Claw this past Monday in Los Angeles.

Obviously the (alleged) impaired driving isn’t cool, but I’m surprised to hear that most of that is still a crime in Florida.

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Florida is regressive as fuck, man.

I couldn’t care less if performers are smoking weed, but it’s a problem when you get behind the wheel. Hopefully she learns from this and doesn’t loose her job.

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For what it’s worth, it doesn’t say anything about her being charged with DUI/DWI. The charges are all for possession. I don’t know if she was intoxicated or not, but presumably we would see those charges as well if the police determined she was unfit to drive.

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You’re right. I misread… the way it reads, it was the “oil-like substance” that tested positive for marijuana, not Liv. Just seemed to add up with the erratic driving.