Live Chats during PPVs

Hi fellow Patreons POSTed up in the Cafe!
With the permission of @johnpollock and @wai0937 I’d like to propose special threads on the board dedicated to watching PPVs live. The first one I was thinking about was this Thursday for WK12. I know John/Wai said they and Jason would be watching live and if they participated even cooler! Could be a fun way to enjoy shows with likeminded fans and the POST community.

EDIT: the thread would be Cafe only.


I love the idea of a live thread for PPVs. I believe WK12 starts at midnight my time (The NJPW site says the Rumble match starts at 16:00 Tokyo time), so I wont likely be watching that show live, as I have to work the next morning.

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Love this idea. I won’t be up to watch WK live, but I think it’d be very fun for wwe shows.


Great idea. Won’t be able to watch WK live either but it’d be a lot of fun for the Rumble.

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Would it be better in a chat room with link here? Or if wai and john really want to go all out, stream them watching it in a private youtube room with chat feature enabled?

Please go ahead and start a thread on PPV night. I’ll be watching live so I’ll be dropping by intermittently.

We won’t be watching together. Streaming is definitely a strong possibility in the future, though.

Do you mean like a Twitch for watching shows? I don’t know how much I want to encroach on John and Wai privacy and personal space. But cool idea if they are comfortable with it.

I am going to try to be up on the East Coast of the US for WK12. Actually if anyone is in NY and planning the same, let me know. I’ll try to start a thread for it and other shows.

Not sure if anyone here is an iFanboy patron member, but monthly they do a hangout. Was thinking of something like that. They use youtube, usually have a conversation topic, talk for an hour and have the chat going alongside for input q&a.

Maybe that’s more realistic of a format then a 3 hour dual streaming session where things will get out of sync.

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Awesome idea. Might get me back to watching live PPVs. I used to watch live with the Reddit PPV feed but it got to be just an awful echo chamber of crap.