Live Raw discussion thread

First Raw of 2018 looks like a decent show who’s watching tonight?

. Brock Lesnar returns

. Roman Reigns Vs Samoa joe for the IC title

. Alexa Bliss Vs Asuka

. Enzo Vs Cedric Alexandra for the Cruiserweight Title

. Woken Matt Hardy continues his Feud with Bray Wyatt

Is the first time RAW has started in the back. Just wondering. Always good to see Miss Bliss regardless.

Can’t help but feel Roman will drop the IC title tonight to clear the way for his second Royal Rumble win of his career and therefore meet Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at Wrestlemania 34

Bliss vs Asuka seems almost too good of a match to be on Raw

Cesaro sans mouthgard!

Bliss vs Asuka match will probably not have a clear finsh. Look for Page and her girls get involved. Be like last week match between Joe vs Roman. Dq at the end. No winner. Typical booking.

You reckon Paige is winning the Rumble she’s probably my pick atm

Women’s Royal Rumble is officially a 30 person event according to this Sasha promo. That’s pretty legit. Can’t wait to see how they manage to do it.

Forgive my ignorance, but why the stipulation in the Roman- Joe match? Did Roman do something to merit him losing the title if he’s DQ’d or is this void of logic (like most current WWE storylines)?

I haven’t been watching SUPER closely but I think Joe and Jason Jordan and Roman are all fighting at each other because Jordan’s been all like "I DESERVE IT! clap clap clapclapclap and everyone else has been like no so they’ve had some matches end in DQ’s that weren’t particularly anything like I think one was just someone violating a five count which is silly but :man_shrugging:

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30-woman Royal Rumble: lots of slots for either returns (Trish Stratus? Victoria?), NXT call ups (Shayna Baszler) or surprises (Rhonda Rousey?).
If the rules are going to be exactly the same as for the men, there does not seem to be much time left over for other matches at the Royal Rumble.

I disagree … I vote for Asuka to win the Rumble. This is the way to build her up as a real incredible champion and extend her undefeated streak.

Or, if not her, then it is going to be someone who is a total surprise (can you say Rhonda Rousey???)

Ronda Rousey? Does WWE think it’s late 2015 and people still give a care about her?

You are talking about the WWE here … and not NJPW. Ronda Rousey will give them mega coverage and press with the ESPN’s and mainstream media.

I think the only issue with that idea is that the winner has to work a match at Wrestlemania, and a fairly high profile one at that considering the history of women and Mania. Obviously it could STILL be a surprise but I don’t think it would be anyone as green as someone like Rousey. I think if they wanted to go that route they could stick Baszler in the role who -actually- has some ring time, slide Rousey in next to her as a manager, still get the hype and coverage while actually having someone who could theoretically work a good match.

time to get WOKEN

I know there already champions but i do think Alexa and Charlotte should be in. i think as its the 1st inaugural women’s royal rumble that’s just as important in there career if not more than being women’s champion. But Paige is winning so maybe it doesn’t matter anyway lol

So now we know how a fly sees Woken Matt Hardy … haha

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I’ve never watched NXT so, like the vast majority of the RAW audience, I don’t know Auska’s story (because WWE has done a terrible job of conveying it) but find it hilarious that WWE keeps pushing this streak idea – if a minor league baseball player has a 50 game hitting streak going and is called up to the MLB club, if he hits in 7 consecutive games he doesn’t break DiMaggio’s record because your minor league streak means nothing in MLB.

Alexa Bliss … “Has everyone lost their mind” … best line of the night so far.