Live report and notes from the G1 press conference in Dallas

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Submitted by: Mike Murray

Hiroshi Tanahashi is out first with a translator
-Says match against Okada is very important
-Says it will be a snap for him to win 2 years in a row

Kazuchika Okada

-Someone from the crowd says Tana is better, Okada sits back down
-“After hearing cheers from the crowd, he is really looking forward to tomorrow”
-Looking forward to the opportunity to show his match against Tana. To show how heated G1 is. -He has already won NJ Cup and G1 and only needs to win this tournament

Kota Ibushi
-“Everyone feels the same as I”
-Last year I was runner up, this year I will win. I won’t give up. You will see all I have.”

Will Ospreay
-The crowd chanted Ospreay to Olé
-He normally does these where people don’t understand him
-He is nervous and scared for his first G1.
-He never said he wanted to be best, just to do his best
-First-person to do NJ Cup, Super Jrs and G1 in one year
-He is against the hometown boy
-Prove that the juniors belong on the main stage
-Best of Super Jr was not his best yet.
-When he headlines Tokyo Dome and wins the IWJP HW and holds Jr he will be king of both weight divisions

-Has cards with pictures of the A block participants
-Shows cards to the crowd
-“These guys are really interesting. I’m going to color this block my color. My color darkness. NJPW is where the wrestlers are coming from. I will keep fighting or there is no reason for me to stay here.

-I’d love to be the best in the world. G1 is where the best are and the biggest.

Bad Luck Fale
-Throws card
-Someone taunts him that he can’t wrestle
-He says he can and he will and drops an F-bomb

Zack Sabre Jr.
-Can’t believe that he had to put up his spot against Hashi
-The morons in the company put him in the same block as the champ
-He only has to beat the champ to get his shot
-He isn’t like that cretin Ospreay
-He has been compared to a human bowl of spaghetti
-He is going to tap out everyone. Including the very large land mammals. Fale flips a table he is sitting at
-He has more submissions than Ospreay has sent out idiotic tweets this morning

Lance Archer
-Lists the participants
-Welcome to my home
-Today is his 19th anniversary in wrestling. G1 is in his hometown
-Tomorrow his G1 starts by killing Ospreay
-This is for him. This for to change what people think of the American Psycho
-He hopes that Okada is still the champ because at WK he will win and bring the title back to Texas

-“What’s up, Dallas?”
-Speaking English
-So excited to be here. Came to NJPW to show who he is. He is fucking Kenta
-Tomorrow night he is going to kick Ibushi’s ass

Juice Robinson
-I’m going to give it hell this year.
-That’s it

Tomohiro Ishii
-The crowd is cheering too much to hear what he said.

Toru Yano
-Big cheers
-Shows DVD and noodles? he is hawking
-Tourism ambassador
-Producer of these DVDs
-I know it’s going to be a really tough campaign in this tournament but this DVD’s is the 10th anniversary of Chaos and this DVD is for Kare rice

Hirooki Goto
-I was staying in LA at the dojo for a month. Training to beat White this time.

Jeff Cobb
-“Aloha, you beautiful people”
-It’s an honor to be part of G1
-He has been compared to other gaijins. That needs to stop. He is totally different.
-He is throwing a duplex party and all these guys are invited

-Keeps looking at Ishii and the Never Openweight belt
-Shut up you guys
-I came all the way from Japan. I hate flying. Spent over half a day. My opponent isn’t here (Moxley). Why am I here? He used to be a superstar
-Why is he getting special treatment? Moxley looks like just a regular guy. A block. B block. Doesn’t matter. Next year I will be getting special treatment

Tetsuya Naito
-Halo amigos
-This year the winner of the tournament will have the right to challenge the IWGP champion. I have a lot of issues with that. My motivation is really high. I can’t look too far in the future. I have to be in the moment
-I have to focus on this G1. All I can say is tranquillity. I will see you tomorrow

Shingo Takagi
-G1 is open weight tournament this year
-There are 3 singles champions in his block. Moxley, Ishii, and Naito, when I heard that I was so excited
-I will show you the wrestling that only I can deliver to all of my opponents

Jay White
-He says he shouldn’t even have to be in G1 because he is already the number one contender. That he has to face Goto again.
-What is my goal in the G1? To win it
-Do I have any other goals in the G1? No, the goal is to win it
-Doesn’t care about facing any of the other wrestlers
-What does it mean that G1 is starting in Dallas? Doesn’t mean shit to him, he isn’t from here
-Most entitled and undeserving fans get this tournament

What I gather from this…

ZSJ & Taichi were great.
Sanada fucking sucks.

The phenomenon that is Ishii in a nutshell right here.

I watched this late last night and was very entertained by Sabre and Taichi (a real trooper considering he didn’t even wrestle tonight).