LIVE REPORT: Rev Pro High Stakes 2020 feat. ZSJ vs. Will Ospreay

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Event: Revolution Pro High Stakes 2020

Venue: York Hall, Bethnal Green, London

Submitted by: Steve Harris

British Women’s Championship
Gisele Shaw over Zoe Lucas to win the title
A fast start to the match fell apart as Shaw slipped off the top rope and fell to her doom. After this they recovered to deliver a good match. Shaw went close with a big powerbomb before Lucas distracted the ref by grabbing the title, bringing out the old title belt behind his back and swinging it at Shaw. Shaw ducked and locked in her deep armbar for the submission win. The story of Lucas doing anything to keep her title was a great end to the Shaw chase over the last few months.

Dan Moloney over Jeff Cobb
A clash of powerhouses, they exchanged big moves and feats of strength including Cobb picking Moloney up from the apron into a superplex. Moloney escaped the Tour of the Islands, hit a black hole slam and the Drilla piledriver for the win. They shook hands eventually after the bell.

Southside Speedking Championship
Ricky Knight Jr over Robbie X to retain
These two work so well together and have built a decent rivalry since the Rev Pro acquisition of Southside last year. RKJ tries to play the heel but it’s a struggle as he’s so entertaining. There were some acrobatic sequences that took the breath away. Robbie X attempted a springboard moonsault but RKJ hit a kick followed by a Rikishi Driver for the win.

No Disqualification Match
LA PARK over Eddie Kingston
The match began with Kingston throwing PARK into the fourth row, before multiple chair shots and whips with PARK’s weight belt. The referee was used as a weapon by both guys and took a nasty chair shot himself. LA PARK hit a crazy dive through the ropes onto his opponent and the referee. Mad Kurt appeared followed by a panic-stricken Dan Magee, delivered a low blow to Kingston allowing PARK to hit a spear through a table in the corner and pick up the win. Magee received a chair shot as PARK and Mad Kurt celebrated. Lots of fun and LA PARK was treated like a total star.

Six-Man Scramble Match
Mark Haskins over Chris Brookes, Kyle Fletcher, Mad Kurt, Hikuleo and Carlos Romo
We generally had two guys in the ring while everybody else laid on the outside. Kurt ran wild but nobody sold it, he was then thrown over the top onto the waiting crowd by Hikuleo. When Kurt finally had it going his way Eddie Kingston came out and chased him off. While the referee was distracted Gideon Grey appeared and hit Fletcher with his cane allowing Haskins to get the victory. Brookes received a nice ovation before he heads off to Japan for a year.

British Tag Team Championship
The Legion (Rampage Brown and Great O’Kharn) over David Starr and Chief Deputy Dunne to retain

The smaller team of Starr and Dunne were using their wits and speed to seemingly have the match won, but Sha Samuels jumped to the apron to distract the ref while Mark Haskins delivered a low blow to both of the babyfaces. O’Kharn hit a claw slam on Starr for the win, and the Legion, apparently now including the Haskins, celebrated in the ring. Too many referee distractions for me tonight.

British Cruiserweight Championship
Michael Oku over El Phantasmo to win the title
ELP hit Oku with the belt during the introductions and then a Go to Sleep but Oku kicked out at two. ELP really has the obnoxious heel routine down and manipulates the crowd effortlessly. After a second rope Styles Clash by ELP Oku grabbed the bottom rope to stop the pin. ELP hit a V Trigger but Oku rolled a One-Winged Angel attempt into a half crab for a great tease that got the crowd. ELP feigned an injury then pushed the referee into Oku, who ducked another belt shot and hit a CR2 but with no ref to make the count.Oku teased using the belt buy instead kicked ELP and locked on the half crab for the submission win and a tremendous reaction from the audience. Another long term story paid off excellently.

British Heavyweight Championship
Will Ospreay over Zack Sabre Jr to win the title
An absolute triumph of a match, and a genuine sequel to the match in Sapporo. They had counters, double counters and treble counters to each other’s offense. There were several callbacks including Ospreay hitting the Oscutter and grabbing Sabre’s wrist when he tried to roll out of the ring. Ospreay repeatedly went for the Stormbreaker, but Sabre had an answer each time. ZSJ tied Ospreay up in all kinds of submissions and Ospreay would barely escape. After almost 30 minutes Ospreay hit the Hidden Blade and, finally, the Stormbreaker to get the win and send the crowd nuts.

Ospreay got on the mic to thank his parents and talk about his early days in wrestling. He thanked Okada for believing in him and the fans for sticking by him. He brought Gisele Shaw and Michael Oku out to celebrate with him.
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Anyone know
How to watch a replay of this?

Hope that helps.

It will be a couple of days before it’s up on demand.

I can’t wait to watch this show when it’s online. This is the first big RPW show that I’ve missed watching live.

High Stakes is now up on the Rev Pro on-demand service.

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