LIVE REPORT: Revolution Pro Live at the Cockpit 49

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Event: Revolution Pro Live at the Cockpit 49

Venue: The Cockpit Theatre, London

Submitted by: Steve Harris

Senza Volto over Carlos Romo
Volto was the clear crowd favorite, and Romo played into the heel role by ignoring rope breaks and backing off from Volto. Romo spat in Volto’s face before Volto hit the Eiffel Tower for the win.

Dan Moloney over Hikuleo by DQ
They rushed each other from the bell and brawled all around the ring. Hikuleo introduced a chair but the referee intervened, allowing Moloney to mount a comeback that was stopped short when Hikuleo regained possession of the chair and leveled Moloney with it for the DQ. Moloney had to be helped to the back.

Zoe Lucas came out, bragged about her recent successful title defenses, and promised to defeat Gisele Shaw at High Stakes on February 14th.

Eddie Kingston over Dan Magee
Mad Kurt had been taunting Kingston on twitter, and when Kingston chased him from ringside Magee took advantage to begin the match. Mad Kurt returned but his antics only served to distract Magee which allowed Kingston to deliver a real beating, all the while telling Kurt that it was his fault. Kingston put Magee away with a brutal back fist and afterward advised him to drop Kurt and go it alone.

Southside Heavyweight Championship
David Starr over Rampage Brown to retain
Starr returned to Rev Pro last month, posing as the masked member of the Legion and defeating Sean Kustom for the Southside title before revealing his identity. This match was all about Starr trying to avoid the much larger Brown’s big impact offense, with little success. Lord Gideon Grey jumped on to the apron to try and help Brown, but Starr used the distraction to hit Brown with the title, hit Han Stansen and get the pin. He then challenged the Legion to a tag title match at High Stakes against himself and Chief Deputy Dunne, his co-conspirator.

Great O’Kharn over Kenneth Halfpenny
Dominant win for O’Kharn who just kept destroying Halfpenny until he stopped kicking out. He eventually won with the claw slam. Gideon Grey and Rampage Brown joined O’Kharn to beat Halfpenny down, but the other members of the Contenders division made the save and ran the Legion off. The Contenders clearing house got a great reaction. Halfpenny was not grateful for the help and left alone.

Taya Valkyrie over Chakara
Chakara jumped Taya before the bell and dominated the majority of the match before Taya built a brief comeback and won with the Road to Valhalla. This was fine but short.

Mark Haskins over Kyle Fletcher
It’s startling seeing Fletcher as the much bigger man, considering his size even a year ago. Haskins worked over the arm for the first half of the match, before they transitioned into countering each other’s signature offense for a string of near falls and double downs. Fletcher knocked Haskins into his wife Vicky on the apron, and while she was being checked on Haskins hit a low blow and hit Made In Japan for the win, before Vicky revealed it was all a trick.

Michael Oku and Shota Umino over Ricky Knight Jr and Robbie X
RKJ and Robbie X have a Speedking Championship match at High Stakes, but tonight they’re a team. Whichever combination of these four was in the ring was absolute magic, then all pretense of tagging in and out was dispensed with and this became four outstanding performers in perpetual motion and you couldn’t take your eyes off it. Robbie X mistakenly hit RKJ with a springboard cutter, and Oku hit a huge frog splash for the win. Robbie and RKJ had a staredown to send us home.