Log In Issue

I’m having a problem logging in. I’ve saved my password, so I can just click out and I’m still logged in fine, but if I actually click the log out button, I’m unable to log back in. I just get a page that says “cannot load app.”

I’m also a patreon member. Do I have to wait for the cafe portion? And the little coffee cup on my profile pic.


I manually added you to the Patrons group. Let me know if that works. Unsure about your login/logout. Maybe clear cookies and try? If you’re on mobile, there’s also a Discourse App you can download.

  • Wai
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I too am having issues with my patreon info showing I logged in with my patreon yet I’m still not showing as a patreon member?

There might be some lag time between the communication of the sites. I’ve manually added you. Thanks for the support!

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Same here, I’m guessing its a lag issue.

Mine showed up but has since disappeared again no clue what’s up.

Thanks @wai0937

I seem to have the same issue. I used the Patreon log-in but I don’t show up as a patreon member.

I only joined today, it might just be a timing issue as @wai0937 said but I’m posting here just in case.