Logan Paul reflects on WWE WrestleMania match with Seth Rollins, zipline was initially not approved, chats KSI spot

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Additional notes Logan Paul shared had to do with the zipline and not thinking the K.S.I. spot would be approved. 

The third match on night one of WrestleMania 39 saw Logan Paul go one-on-one with Seth Rollins. Rollins scored the win their 16-minute bout. 

Coming out of the match, Paul took to his IMPAULSIVE podcast to recap it said for the first time, he’s got out of a wrestling match without injuries. He did share that there was a point in the match when he hit his head and his vision went blurry for a bit. WWE put him through a concussion test and he passed. 

For the first time after one of these wrestling events, I walked away pretty much… They call it a mouse (Paul said when asked about the bump on his eyelid). Like a little mark on your eye and the hand marks of Seth Rollins on my chest. He was slapping the sh*t out of me. I’m good. Meniscus is fine… Elbow’s fine. Elbow hurt a little bit beforehand. I did hit my head a little bit and my vision went blurry. These things happen but it wasn’t a concussion. It was like a vision hit. There was like rings around my eyes. They gave me a concussion test and I passed.

Accompanying Paul to the ring and with him through the duration of the match was a PRIME drink mascot. The individual in the costume was revealed to be YouTuber and internet personality KSI. 

Paul heaped praise onto WWE for their product integration and shared that initially, he did not think they would approve the idea to include KSI. 

That spot (with K.S.I. at WrestleMania 39) was probably one of the coolest — I’m bias. Probably one of the coolest product integrations WWE’s ever had. They are the best organization in the world for creativity and for PRIME, you know, we’re pretty innovative with marketing and as is our brand, we are disruptors and so we approach marketing in the same way so when we came up with this idea to jump onto the PRIME bottle where J.J. would be inside it and have a surprise reveal, I didn’t think it was gonna get approved. How could it get approved?

Looking back on the match, Paul went into it thinking it would be the best he’s had but he does not feel like that. He clarified that the feeling is not because he thinks the match is bad, but he’s noticing how difficult it is to make each of his matches better as he continues to wrestle. 

He does not know how he’ll continue upping the bar but he is enjoying the challenge of it all. 

I thought beforehand, for sure, it (match versus Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39) was gonna be my best match and then afterwards, I just didn’t feel like that. I felt it was good. It was on par, it wasn’t a level down. But I noticed it’s getting harder and harder every time to make these matches better. When I’m picking an opponent and I’m at the bottom of this mountain trying to build what I want I want to be an amazing, entertaining match, man, these mountains are getting higher and higher and it’s terrifying and incredibly complicated. I don’t know how I’m going to keep doing this and upping the bar every time. That’s like my challenge in this but it’s so much fun because I’m gonna have to get more creative, I’ma have to go a little harder.

For Logan’s entrance, he ziplined to the ring. He wanted a zipline for WrestleMania 38 where he tagged with The Miz against Rey and Dominik Mysterio. 

The company told him he should have a match first before getting to that. Logan added that initially, the zipline idea for this year’s WrestleMania was denied. He said it was expensive to pull off and expressed his love for WWE for making it happen. 

Get me as high as I can possibly go (in a ring). I love flying which is why I requested the zipline. I requested this zipline (for) last year’s WrestleMania, my first-ever WrestleMania ever. I said, ‘WWE, can I get a zipline in?’ They’re like, ‘Why don’t you get a match in first, kid?’ I was like, ‘I get that, I get that.’ But this year, I requested the zipline again, it got denied and I was like, ‘Hey, it is like a liability thing? Can I convince them to do it? Is it an insurance thing? I’ll cover it’ and the WWE got me a zipline into SoFi Stadium for my birthday… Like four different companies (were contacted to get that zipline setup squared away). Very expensive stunt and I love the WWE so much for doing this because when I was flying in the air on that zipline, I’m looking around at all these eyeballs and phones just pointed at me and ever since I moved out to Hollywood which was where WrestleMania took place this year, my goal was to be the biggest entertainer in the world and God damn, in that moment I felt like the biggest entertainer in the world.

In his pro wrestling career, Paul now his a 2-3 record. In November 2022, he challenged Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. 

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