Logan Paul set to box Floyd Mayweather on Feb. 20, 2021

Are we excited for some more phony boxing after the Tyson/Jones and Jake Paul/Nate Robinson “spectacles”?


Lol what the Efff. The Paul brothers are just going to be swimming in money. And Floyd will just play around and give him 7 or 8 rounds.

Watch Jake and Connor actually happen

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That’s the disappointing part. All historical evidence points to Floyd playing along for the payday instead of just knocking him out in 30 seconds.

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And boxing inches closer and closer to the world of “worked” combat sports.

For what it’s worth, I’m not a fan of Logan or Jake Paul, but I give them both a ton of credit for successfully pivoting into the world of boxing. Both guys became overnight sensations thanks to Vine/Tik Tok/YouTube maybe five years ago? And then both were vilified by the media and their peers on social media for some legitimately stupid/selfish things they’ve done. But rather than going into hiding and buying up real estate like most has-been YouTubers, they doubled down on their douchey personalities and punchable faces. And now heading into 2021 they’re arguably the biggest heels and two of the biggest draws in boxing. Pretty damn impressive for a couple guys with “no talent.”

Seriously how does something like this get sanctioned as in skill level/experience.

It could be argued that McGregor has extensive experience in combat sports.

Does someone have to get seriously hurt for somebody to say enough is enough

Maybe it can be a tag team hybrid with the Paul brothers and a handicap match. And the winner is the one who does the “best prank.”

Keep in mind its just a exhibition fight. Probably will have more restrictions than Jones Tyson exhibition.
Its the trend right now. I don’t have any plans on watching but am curious how successful it will be on business end.

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It’s not a fight that means anything but I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with it. People will watch it, the boxers will get paid. Meh.

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“no talent” but hiring good managers/PR firm and smart people and listening to them goes a long way.

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