Loki Discussion/Feedback Thread

There was a small wrestling tie-in to episode #3

When they first get to the train station, we see a mother saying that her & her kids have been waiting for hours.

That actress was Jwaundace Cadence, who some of the POST-Marks may remember from the “WOW: Women Of Wrestling” review John & Wai did a few years ago. She played “Delta Lotta Pain” from the Caged Heat tag-team.


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Wow. Deep cut! Delta Lotta Pain is my favourite name from WOW.

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Was it discussed why she’s got the broken horn in the show (yet)? I googled and saw a comic panel of a lady Loki with the same one but not sure the back story/significance. I doubt it’s the same, anyway.

Brandon from Oshawa

This episode was fantastic. I think it may have been my favorite episode of TV from all the Marvel Disney+ series. The chemistry between Loki & Sylvie is amazing and early in the episode, I thought that he might sacrifice himself for her, by the end of the show to kill him off again, but with the end “death” I dont think he will end up actually dying now. That end credits scene was bonkers. I didnt even notice the alligator, until reading about the scene online.

What are your thoughts on the supposed change of the WandaVision end credits scene? I dont really know how people noticed anything outside of more trees. Do you really think it was supposed to be Doctor Strange floating to the cabin?

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This was my favourite episode of the mcu tv shows so far. I hope it’s not the last we’ve seen of mobius, goes without saying how good hiddleston and Wilson are, but I thought Gugu mbatha raw and wunmi musaka were fantastic in this one.

Sylvie has been introduced really well, she could quite easily have been a poochie (simpsons reference) type character. But I’m invested in her story.

Not a comic book reader, but I love hearing your thoughts and theories. Going to see black widow next wed, do you have any thoughts on where that movie will go.


Holy shit !

Same as the previous two posters. Best episode of the Disney+ MCU shows. I think I went through all the human range of emotions possible. Just incredible. When you think you’ve seen everything in science fiction.

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Burak from the UK, via Turkey.

Great fucking episode. I have a feeling Ravonna Renslayer may double swerve us and not be the big bad.

One of my favourite parts of this episode was when the 2 time keepers started laughing, when the other ones head was cut off. Yeh I know it was a Robot, but still funny.

What do we think has really happened to Hunter C-20, who they say is dead?

WH, a thought from your conversation last week, I understand your issues with Shang-Chi using bracelets but what are your thoughts on the idea it will be a lot easier for the audience to accept a “super power” element to his character?

Much like your issues last week with the concept of the fight scenes, Marvel can struggle with the balance of characters powers from Captain Marvel to Black Widow. I think if they use physical bracelets, it makes the character easier to digest and fit into the current MCU (please don’t hate me I am not familiar with the source material).

Wai, it felt like Loki literally mocked you in regard to his many deaths haha. I have no idea where he is in the post-credit scene but do you think there is a chance Mobius is there as well? Or, is the most we can hope for seeing Loki visit the Mobius in his original timeline riding a JetSki?

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Let’s pour one out for Mobius.

I really enjoyed this week’s episode as it revealed plenty, most notable though that vampires exist within the MCU.

With the arrival of Kang looming around the corner, do you two think that his backstory will be changed to him being a Loki variant as opposed to Nathanial Richards?

Let’s not forget to shout out Richard Grant for nailing that comic accurate Loki costume and making it look amazing.

Take care fellas.

Things are starting to pick up as Loki and Sylvie rip the curtain behind the TVA’s true intentions. I got a kick out of seeing Jaimie Alexander again in a hilarious time loop scene. Mobius mentioning vampires as a variant leads me to believe that the daywalker is out there in the multiverse

The post credit scene was a bombshell of a reveal where Loki comes face to face with three other variants including Kid Loki.

I had fun with this one.

Jay from Colorado

Excellent episode from beginning to end.

As a Blade fan I totally marked out the at mention of vampires tonight. I love how subtle they are in these shows at hinting at upcoming projects.

The end credits scene was unreal, and had me excited for next week. I knew we’d see more Loki variants with kid Loki being the most obvious, but holy shit we are getting CrocLoki, Boastful Loki and classic Loki in the original threads! Can’t wait to see if there are others.

My favorite thing about these Disney+ series so far is that they all seem to deal with deep psychological issues. WanadaVision was about grief, Falcon and Winter Soldier was about identity, and dare I say Loki is about self-love? These Marvel shows are cheaper than therapy and much more fun. Give me more.

In general whenever someone dies around a Loki (and he has his powers) I assume it’s a Loki illusion. Fingers crossed that’s the case with Mobius, or he’s with Loki with the other Lokis.

Q for the forum though. Did I miss something about Silvie’s collar? When she showed b15 her memories Silvie still had her collar on with the big red light, didn’t she? Does her enchantment work regardless?

Robbie from London, Ontario

I continue to love this series, hopefully we haven’t quite lost Mobius yet, as that moment really hit me hard. This series continue to have me at the edge of my seat though and is an absolute A+ for me. Is there any other comic versions of Loki you guys would like to see before this wraps up? Have a great day!

Ahh thanks for the answer. Definitely confounded that.

The thanos copter lol. Loved it.

Edit: Annnd I love that the smoke was purple. Really fits well with Wandavision.

Hoping to see BlackWidow and totally hoping there’s a post-credit scene that showing TVA appearing on Vormir saying “nope, you’re important to the sacred timeline. You’re alive again. We’ll give hawkeye one of the paper weights we have lying around and wipe his memory and no one’s the wiser”

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While I enjoyed this episode, I feel as though there were a few frustrating logic gaps that Marvel are usually pretty good at avoiding within the context of the MCU.

Why did Mobius have to leave when he did? He has taken the only way they can leave, why wouldn’t he stick around from a distance to help them escape? (obviously they will find a way out but they don’t know that).

It was odd Sylvie accepted Loki as dead while she speaks to Mobis, a mere human who survived Alioth.

Speaking of, I understand budget and expectations for what is a TV show but with a mention of Titans, vampires etc. who have all presumably been pruned and ended up in this one location, it makes no sense we didn’t see a titan or other significant Marvel characters.

Since I know that’s unrealistic to expect, a simple one-liner about how most survivors go far to the other side of the planet to survive but the Loki Variants like to be near where new arrivals appear for supplies, food, anything?! Would have helped explain their absence.

Burak from the UK.

I enjoyed this episode. It almost felt like a comedown episode from last week, with more humour, to prepare us for the main event next week.

Is Kang in the house that is shown in the last scene? Could it be another Loki variant?

I am none the wiser and I am very much looking forward to the finale.

Magan from Ottawa

The fifth episode of Loki didn’t waste a second and the pacing felt brisk and it didn’t ram any exposition down my throat. I got a kick out of seeing President Loki, complete with a “Vote Loki” pin.

Richard E Grant was terrific as classic Loki and i’m no closer to finding out the threat behind the threat. Does a variant of Kang the Conqueror be in the realm possibilities?

P.S. The Good, the Bart and the Loki was a solid short film

Shane (in Hawaii)
Hey guys!
This episode cemented Loki as the best mcu Disney plus series so far. Some thoughts:
-Shoutout to Ravonna the educator–wonder what her nexus event was.
-Jonathan Majors was SO good in this episode, I can’t wait to see infinite versions of him. My favorite line was him telling Sylvie to grow up lol.
-THANK GOD Sylvie is still alive, that’s the only thing I really hoped for out of this finale.
-Not sure what was more heartbreaking, Sylvie kicking Loki through that portal or Mobius not recognizing him.
-So excited we’re getting a season 2!


Sean from Toronto

After everyone was burned for guessing Mephisto in WandaVision, I’m quite happy that the signs pointing to Kang all season did indeed lead to the new MCU big bad. It was an interesting characterization depicting Kang the Conquerer as just Jonathan Majors in a cape, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the full comic-accurate depiction in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (or perhaps Loki Season 2).

The only thing missing was more Alligator Loki (who became a huge internet meme last week)