Lola Vice reflects on NXT Underground, being paired with Shayna Baszler, praises Kelani Jordan

Originally published at Lola Vice reflects on NXT Underground, being paired with Shayna Baszler, praises Kelani Jordan

Highlights from Vice’s NXT run. 

To close out the two-week NXT Spring Breakin’ special was the first-ever women’s NXT Underground match featuring Lola Vice and Natalya. 

Vice came out on top and she looked back on that experience while on episode #140 of WWE – Die Woche. She said being in that setting reminded her of how she felt when she was an MMA fighter. She then spoke about her admiration of Natalya. 

So, that moment (women’s NXT Underground match) for me was so heartwarming because not only was it the first time the women in NXT get the opportunity to do that but, I felt like myself in the cage again and I hadn’t felt that way in almost two years after making this transition. But in that moment, my fighter came out and I felt like I was in the cage against Natalya. 

Natalya, she’s incredible and she brought it that day. She brought it. I can’t stand her though but, I will say it was one of the best moments in NXT I’ve had so far. 

I admire that woman. She’s been here for so many years and she’s seen it all and I would never be able to take away the accolades that she’s done for this company and I’m grateful to have these opportunities to compete against her and these are memories I’ll remember for the rest of my life. 

Lola Vice has been working with Shayna Baszler since the Underground match. Vice commented on being paired with the two-time NXT Women’s Champion.

So, Shayna (Baszler) and I were training partners. We’ve been training a lot together. She’s brought back that energy I feel in a fight camp from American Top Team is what Shayna has provided for me. But I will say, she doesn’t let me be me. She doesn’t let me dance, she doesn’t let me be me and it’s annoying but I do respect her and I love training with her and I appreciate her advice.

Another highlight from Vice’s time in NXT is winning the Women’s Breakout tournament by besting Kelani Jordan in the finals. She feels Kelani brought the best out of her. 

Yes, it did (winning the NXT Women’s Breakout tournament gave me a boost). Winning the Breakout tournament against Kelani Jordan, an incredible athlete, an incredible gymnast, really proved a lot to myself. Number one, all the hard work that I put in from starting from scratch from MMA to get here was worth it and number two, Kelani’s such an incredible competitor that she pushed me to the max and at the time, I had Elektra (Lopez) by my side, whatever. But, Kelani really brought the best out of me and I feel like it’s a Breakout tournament finale that the fans will never forget.

The next episode of NXT on USA Network is going to feature Vice and Shayna Baszler taking on Karmen Petrovic and Natalya. The match was taped on May 14th. 

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