Long lasting factions

Hey I’m a long time listener, just wanted to get your thoughts. Do you think it’s possible for wwe to create a dominant faction in this era, maybe not like nwo was, but one that will at least have people talking? We’re all waiting for the shield to break up and dogs of war aren’t going to last in my opinion.

The Shield has been going strong for quite a while now. I’m pretty sure the moniker will follow all of their careers by this point.

New Day, while not dominant, have dominated TV time for a while now.

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To keep a faction relevant I think they need a revolving door. A faction needs to be able to bring on new members and move out others. I don’t mean just drop people who aren’t clicking but in cases like New Day where Big E is likely to be more of a singles star long-term than part of a freebird-rule tag team.

Not sure if that means he leaves the faction, or just does his own thing within.

New Day and Shield are fine but neither are bringing in new blood and they will become stagnant.

DX, nWo, they brought in new talent/members though the latter over did it.

I think if WWE is smart they will keep the Undisputed Era in tact and bring them up to the main roster together. Perhaps maybe bring Adam Cole up first set the ground work and then introduce the rest as a team. Bringing on Strong, I know was a pivot after Bobby Fish’s injury but it has worked for them.

Undisputed Era will get buried I fear on the main roster. They aren’t big…

Especially if they book them the way they’ve booked sanity.

I love factions would love to see more of them.

The Shield are pretty well defined, but WWE still keep them separate. All three members should be out there for every match one of them has. It would help get Roman over if Ambrose and Rollins are outside the ring hyping the crowd!

I think there’s a big opportunity for Cena to have a faction, or at least a tag team partner. The one story that Cena’s never been able to really do is the classic tag-team partner-turns to arch rival that can then feud and reunite over and over again. And factions have added second careers onto many aging guys (Hogan and the NWO, HHH/Ric Flair & Evolution, etc).

In order for factions to be most effective, there needs to be a great and believable backstory. The nWo was a group of guys who banded together to try and lead a hostile takeover of WCW. The Nexus was a similar story of a bunch of young upstarts trying to make some noise and break the glass ceiling. DX was a bunch of degenerates who didn’t follow the rules and wanted to push the envelope as far as they could.

I feel like they pair guys together now just for pairing sake without providing much of a reason for the alliance. What kind of backstory does Braun, Ziggler, and McIntyre have? It just seems like a stable storyline to get through the fall. They’ve really lost a grasp of how to tell a story and create believable factions. It’s disappointing.