Longest unchanged theme music in WWE

Which current/active roster WWE wrestler has had the same theme music for the longest time? I’d say Big Show. On a side note, it’s a shame they don’t focus on theme music as much anymore. Anyone remember when Foley got that car crash fun music, instead of that “schizophrenic” theme.

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Chris Jericho has pretty much the same theme for his whole wwe run apart from a couple of one off’s like the Saliva theme for Survivor Series 2002.
Tripe H had ‘The Game’ for about 15 years.
Vince has always used No Chance since 1999

Big Show’s ‘current theme’ isn’t the same as his original theme. It has changed a couple of times since 1999.

I was really hopping for a return to Burn In My Light for Orton during this feud with Edge

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That song would definitely switch up his very stale character that’s he’s had for quite a while now.

Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels…

Kane ?

Probably slightly different iterations but the same general theme.

Jerry Lawler has had the same theme since 93


Cena has had his for almost his entire run if memory serves me right here.

Someone failed Basic Thuganomics… :grimacing:


Oh god that theme, I completely had that out of my head.

Has Ric Flair ever had different music? It feels like he’s had the same song since the 80’s.


And bis daughter carries it on with some electro added

Was going to say Hulk - but he returned as Hollywood Hogan in 2002, with the NWO theme.

Michaels used the DX theme in 97/98.

Flair’s first WWF run in 1991-93 had different music. And they added the “woooooo!” at the beginning of his classic theme at some point during the “everybody’s music starts with their catchphrase” era.

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… The Ultimate Warrior? :thinking:

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:thinking: Alexa Bliss (NXT 2nd incarnation to today?)

I love a lot of these responses, but Big Show is still listed as active on roster and I can’t think of many others who have had a theme as long as him - who are on the active list on WWE.com

Under “Current Superstars” at https://www.wwe.com/superstars the people that have been with WWE/WWF/WCW since the 90’s - early 2000’s which could be candidates are:

Big Show - “The Big Show” since early 2000’s with minor alterations.
Brock Lesnar - “Next Big Thing” since 2002.
Jerry Lawler - “The King” since the 80’s?
Vince McMahon - “No Chance” since 1999.
Triple H -“The Game” since 2001 but also used DX, Evolution and “King of Kings” since then so I don’t think he counts.
Undertaker - “Rest in Peace” since returning in 2004.

Going off that list, I think @TheBenjamin is probably correct that its Jerry Lawler.

Probably followed by Vince McMahon who has been using “No Chance” consistently since 1999. There are wrestlers on the list that preceed 1999 like Undertaker but they have had different entrance themes since.

And then Big Show.

good choices above here are some other “candidates”

WrestleMania Theme
HOF Theme
Shane McMahon
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Roddy Piper
Sgt Slaughter

If we talking Current WWE and never any real breaks

R Truth
Dolph Ziggler
The Miz