LuFisto shares that she has no ACL in her right knee

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She’s been working without an ACL in her right knee for years. 

LuFisto is in the midst of her 24th year as a wrestler. The topic of injuries sustained throughout her career came up when she appeared on episode #111 of the Café De René livestream

She stated that she has no ACL in her right knee and that has been the case for years. LuFisto said she never got around to getting it fixed. 

I’ve worked through so many injuries because I didn’t want them to know I was injured but that’s a good thing I think changed today. I think, people, when they get injured, they take the time to heal. I have no ACL in my right knee because back then, I just lived without it. You keep going and I got it cleaned but I kept going and now today, people actually take the time to get a replacement and now, years later, I’m like, oh, I should’ve got a replacement because you know, arthrosis and whatever goes into not getting the ACL fixed. But yeah, different generation and different way of thinking.

There was back and forth on social media between LuFisto and talents of All Elite Wrestling after she spoke about the experience she had with those in the company. 

One of the individuals that she spoke on was Ruby Soho. During the livestream, LuFisto recounted an interaction with Soho while she was backstage at WWE. LuFisto claims Canyon Ceman, former Senior Vice President of Talent Development, talked down on women’s shows that he saw during WrestleMania weekend including SHIMMER. LuFisto had an issue with Soho letting him say that, adding that SHIMMER ‘made’ the Outcasts member. 

My issue with her (Ruby Soho) happened years later where I was backstage at WWE and Canyon Ceman, Triple H’s right-hand man back then was really throwing under the bus the women’s show that he saw that WrestleMania weekend including SHIMMER and she just went like, ‘Oh yeah, yeah’ and I was like, man, SHIMMER, they f*cking made you and I was really upset about that but I never said anything about it. Not even to her, no one. But I mean, boyfriend and close people but not publicly because I was like, f*ck, one day I’ll maybe see her and have time to talk to her and see what it was about but besides that, no so, the only thing I can say is I really wish if somebody had a problem with me in the past or now, why don’t you come see me? Everybody’s f*cking seen it. I’m an open book. I speak my mind, even if I’m getting a sh*tload of heat. I’d rather tell it like it is than just pretend or let’s face it, it was really a big point of why I didn’t get signed anywhere because I speak my mind in a business where you’re supposed to shut up…

It was in April 2022 that LuFisto competed in a Dark: Elevation match for AEW. She tagged with Emi Sakura and The Bunny to take on Soho, Skye Blue and Anna Jay. 

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