LWF Voting

To be honest, after the last LWF didn’t get a hot start, I wanted to restart the LWF with 20 fresh new faces. The only problem is that I don’t know which fresh faces I should start with. So, I’m going to ask the POST Wrestling Forum users who they want.

It’s simple. Just comment down below a year between 1985 and 2019 you would like me to do and suggest a wrestler (has to NOT have had a match for the WWF-E/World Heavyweight/Universal/WCW title that year) or a tag team (try to vote for one that actually had a match on a PPV that year, please). The first year to get 5 votes will be chosen and I will create the roster and championships. I want to see your opinions, who would you like to see?

1996, Furnas and LaFon


1997, The Gambler

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I have to go with Rick Rude then.

But I’d strongly urge you to re-consider your stance on The Gambler.

Honestly, you’re right about the Gambler gimmick, I just don’t want to call him The Gambler.

How about the man’s USWA name: Jeff Gamble. That sounds better and fits the character?


We have to get one year to 5 votes. Keep recommending!