Lyra Valkyria defeats Becky Lynch to become NXT Women's Champion at Halloween Havoc

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Lynch’s title reign comes to an end. 

Headlining night one of NXT Halloween Havoc was Lyra Valkyria challenging Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Championship. 

Before the main event began, Jade Cargill was brought out in front of the live crowd and sat on a throne to watch the upcoming match. 

As Lynch and Valkyria were exchanging maneuvers and strikes in the final sequences of their match, Lynch went for another Manhandle Slam to which Valkyria countered into a pin and got the victory to become NXT Women’s Champion. 

Cameras then cut to a pub in Ireland where viewers were watching the match between the two Irishwomen. Lynch’s reign lasted just over a month.

Uhhhhh, What the….