Madoka Kikuta wins Open the Dream Gate Championship

Originally published at Madoka Kikuta wins Open the Dream Gate Championship

Dragon Gate capped off its Dead or Alive event by crowning a new Open the Dream Gate champion.

In the main event, Madoka Kikuta unseated Shun Skywalker to become the promotion’s new champion and ended the former champion’s four-month title reign.

Kikuta won the match with a rolling lariat in 23:16 after Skywalker attempted to make his second defense of the belt.

Kenoh & Shuji Kondo retained the Open the Twin Gate titles by defeating KAI & ISHIN in the secondary match on the card. Kota Minoura, BxB Hulk & Ben-K held onto the Open the Triangle Gate belts and Jason Lee retained the Open the Brave Gate title.

The event took place at the Aichi Prefectural High School in front of 2,710 fans with the following results (Courtesy:
*Open the Dream Gate: Madoka Kikuta over Shun Skywalker (c) in 23:16
*Open the Twin Gate: Kenoh & Shuji Kondo © over KAI & ISHIN in 11:15
*Naomichi Marufuji & Dragon Kid over YAMATO & Yuki Yoshioka in 13:40
*Open the Triangle Gate: Kota Minoura, Ben-K & BxB Hulk (c) over Kzy, Big Boss Shimizu & Strong Machine J in 13:13
*Ultimo Dragon & Naruki Doi over Diamante & HYO
*Open the Brave Gate: Jason Lee © over Dragon Dia in 11:41
*Masaaki Mochizuki, Susumu Mochizuki, Mochizuki Jr. & Yasushi Kanda over Don Fujii, Takashi Yoshida, Minorita & Problem Dragon in 8:26
*Kagetora & Kaito Nagano over UT & Jacky ‘Funky’ Kamei in 9:58