Mae Young Classic Report - Mercedes Martinez vs. Ashley Rayne, Deonna Purrazzo vs. Priscilla Kelly


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The second episode of the Mae Young Classic aired Wednesday on the WWE Network featuring opening round matches that were taped in August at Full Sail University.


Purrazzo was outsmarting Kelly at the beginning until being dropped with a kick.

Kelly used a dragon sleeper and was heavy on her use of facial expressions. Purrazzo caught her with a side Russian leg sweep and applied the Fujiwara armbar to tap out Kelly.


Purrazzo has a lot of personality and was popular at Full Sail. The match focused more on Kelly’s offense and character before being submitted by the Fujiwara armbar. The announcers emphasized that Purrazzo took the news hard last year when she was relegated to an alternate in the first Mae Young Classic tournament.

AERIAL MONROE VS ZEUXIS Monroe’s husband Cedric Alexander and their daughter were shown in the audience before the match began. Monroe had a great entrance.

Monroe warned her about touching her hair and Zeuxis ignored the warning and yanked her by the hair. This became the focus by Zeuxis of grabbing the hair to anger the audience.

Monroe hit a flatliner while yelling, “The power of Christ compels you, Zeuxis”.

Zeuxis got her to the top turnbuckle and landed a Spanish Fly to pin Monroe.


They cut to Monroe’s child and she was crying in Cedric’s arms and was the saddest visual on the show.

This match worked well because of the distinct characters and Zeuxis looked impressive.


Catanzaro is from American Ninja Warrior and had a very impressive looking video feature with highlights.

Gonzalez towered over Catanzaro. Gonzalez constantly attacked Catanzaro by tossing her across the ring and then hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Catanzaro scoop slammed her, but Catanzaro kicked out. The match dominated by Gonzalez until she missed and ran into the post shoulder first.

Catanzaro hit a springboard missile dropkick, a somersault splash and then surprised Gonzalez with a forward roll up.


Gonzalez was angry, stared at her but then shook her hand and lifted her up onto her shoulder like Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. This was a bit over-the-top with the long pose with the giant and her little friend.


Martinez received a big reaction and a chant at the start of the match.

Martinez turned a wheelbarrow into a driver onto Rayne’s neck for a two-count, which got a notable reaction. Martinez blocked a tornado DDT and landed a delayed vertical suplex.

Rayne hit a cutter and a pair of Sliding D clotheslines. Rayne continued with strikes and then climbed to the top and landed a crossbody.

Martinez landed with a knee and hit a fisherman buster suplex for the win.


This sets up Mercedes Martinez taking on Meiko Satomura in the second round.

The match was fine, and Rayne got a lot throughout her comeback before taking the fall. They do a very good establishing both performers so if you’re unfamiliar you have an attachment to both and care about who wins.

-There weren’t any blow away matches on the show with the main event receiving the most time, but generally, these were quick television-style matches establishing the performers
-A lot of people are high on Kacy Catanzaro with her athletic skills and was able to showcase a bit in her match with Reina Gonzalez. She played the undersized underdog to the giant in Gonzalez and told a good story.
-Mercedes Martinez, Aerial Monroe, and Deonna Purrazzo appeared to get over strongest with the Full Sail crowd. Monroe’s entrance came off very well and her trash talking during the match got the audience into it.
-They didn’t announce the matches that will air next week, which they should or at least the main event.


Purrazzo vs. Kelly (so many Kellys in this tournament, good heavens!) may have been my favorite of the matches this week. Nothing blowaway, and nothing that made as strong an impact for me as Meiko Satomura vs. Killer Kelly last week, but some good performances. Catanzaro could turn into a fun wrestler to watch, and I liked this David vs. Goliath match more than Lacey Lane’s match last week.


Mainevent was terrible.

Kacy Cataranzo did some cool looking spots, but won’t be able to if she doesn’t get good bases like she did in this match.


Kacy does look cool but I hate the booking in this match. It’s like when Rey Mysterio does a 619 to the Great Khali. It’s ridiculous.