Maki Itoh vs. Minoru Suzuki announced for TJPW GRAND PRINCESS ‘24

Originally published at Maki Itoh vs. Minoru Suzuki announced for TJPW GRAND PRINCESS ‘24

A special attraction singles bout has been added to TJPW’s second-ever Ryogoku Sumo Hall event.

In a first-time singles match, Maki Itoh has booked to face Minoru Suzuki for GRAND PRINCESS ‘24 on March 31.

The singles bout was announced on Wednesday after Itoh posted a video with Suzuki on social media. In the clip, Itoh confronted Suzuki inside his “Piledriver” store in the Harajuku district of Shibuya, Tokyo.

As an attempt to help fill up the large Ryogoku venue, Itoh proposed that Suzuki team with her in a tag match. Suzuki then gave a counter-offer, suggesting that they face off in a singles bout instead. Itoh looked hesitant to take this match, but then accepted the challenge after Suzuki teased that she was being a “chicken.” Itoh promised to end Suzuki’s career.


— 伊藤麻希 Maki Itoh (@maki_itoh) February 21, 2024

Itoh, a former two-time TJPW International Princess Champion, has never stood across the ring from Suzuki before. They have worked as a team once in the past, tagging with Chris Brooks at DDT Never Mind 2021 in Yoyogi.

Itoh’s 2024 has barely gotten off the ground yet due to an injury she suffered just a few days into the year. Itoh announced a break from competition following TJPW’s January 4 show in Korakuen Hall, when she faced Rina Yamashita in a 16-minute bout.

Itoh was coming off her busiest year in wrestling yet, working a total of 84 matches between TJPW bouts and many bookings on the U.S. independent scene.

GRAND PRINCESS ‘24 will be the second time that TJPW has held an event at Ryogoku Sumo Hall. Their 2022 GRAND PRINCESS card was held in the same venue, drawing over 1,700 in live attendance.

And people say kayfabe is dead


Itoh is gonna fuck Suzuki up! :fearful:

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Heck of a way to start Easter in the U.S.

This is going to be epic.

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