Making the ultimate mania card from past matches

It’s wrestlemania time once again and i thought of a fun games. How about we created our dream mania card with matches from previous mania.

Here my card

  1. Tlc match Edge and christian vs the hardys vs the dudleys

  2. Ricky steamboat vs macho man randy savage

  3. Gimmick battle royal

  4. Bret hart vs rowdy roddy piper

  5. Hogan vs ultimate warrior

  6. Austin vs rock

  7. Angle vs lesnar

  8. Bryan vs orton vs batista

  9. Shawn micheals vs john cena

  10. Rey mysterio vs eddie guerrero

  11. Trish stratus vs mickie james

  12. Cm punk vs chris jericho

  13. Asuka vs charlotte

  14. Hell in a cell: hhh vs undertaker