Malakai Black issues statement, clarifies narratives about asking AEW for his release & reiterates that he's recalibrating his life

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Statement from Malakai Black.

Coming out of the main event of Prestige Wrestling’s September 17th show, Malakai Black spoke on the microphone about his future and explained why he would be taking some time to recalibrate his life. Black added that it is not a goodbye, but rather a see you later.

He would follow up on that by issuing a statement via his Instagram page. He noted that he did not like reading parts of his private conversations with AEW regarding his mental health on the internet. He confirmed that he did ask for his release from the company and the last two years of his life have included a lot of set backs.

Both Black and his wife, WWE’s Zelina Vega were affected by “uncontrollable actions from the outside” that resulted in loss of life, medical set backs, career jeopardizing, the passing of a close friend by way of suicide and a close family member almost losing their life. He added that there was an injury that he was sure would end his career.

Black noted that he attends therapy sessions every week just to be able to walk and compete. He mentioned that-that is the tip of the iceberg along with promises in his professional field that were not upheld which resulted in demoralization of his life and career. This decision has been on Black’s mind for the past six months. He cannot pinpoint when exactly things went south but he knows he needs to hit the brakes.

He went on to write that once his mind settles and he processes the last two years, he’ll be able to convey things better. He reiterated what he said at the conclusion of the Prestige show which is that he’ll be recalibrating his life. Lastly, Black noted that he’s read narratives concerning his release and that if it didn’t come from him, it did not happen. Things concerning conditional releases, his marriage or using his mental health to leverage the other was not going to be part of the public conversation. He noted that his marriage is fine and so is he and he just wants to make sure things stay that way.


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Black last wrestled for AEW at the All Out pay-per-view. After he, Brody King and Buddy Matthews faced Sting, Darby Allin and Miro, Black made his way up the entrance ramp and bowed before the crowd in attendance.

House of Black’s Buddy Matthews and Brody King are taking on Sting and Darby at Rampage Grand Slam.

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Good on him for realising that he needed to take a break, and I’m glad that wrestling (and culture in general) has changed to the point where he’s comfortable saying so.


I hope he gets to be in a better place, but to be honest…he seems like someone that takes himself and his character way too serious. I think he should be a main event guy and he obviously thinks so too and it feels like if he isnt, then he isnt happy.

If you look back at NXT, he was a main event guy there and he was happy, but his character wasnt really much of anything. His most memorable moment was the mystery surrounding who attacked him, but there was not a lot of character development.

On the main roster, he was not a main event guy, but there was a little bit of character development. Not great development, but I do feel like they tried to do more than NXT did. He was not happy.

In AEW, he had some fun stuff with Cody. He has his own stable. I would have liked more from the Death Triangle and Darby/Sting feuds, but they werent terrible. He was not a main event guy though and not happy.

I do think inevitably he ends up back in WWE, where we wont see much character development from him, but HHH will treat him like a top guy I think, so I think he will be happy with that.

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I hope he can find his balance. I appreciate that he’s openly discussing his ongoing mental health needs and the value of therapy. It’s quality leadership.