Malakai Black posts teaser clip with House of Black members

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Malakai Black posted a clip teasing a reunion of the House of Black.

The short video featured Black on-screen with quick shots of Brody King, Buddy Matthews, and Julia Hart with the caption, “an elegy for the forgotten”.

An elegy of the forgotten

— Malakai Black (@malakaiblxck) October 28, 2022

Black has not appeared on AEW programming since All Out where the House of Black lost to Sting, Darby Allin & Miro. After the match, Black bowed to the crowd

Black released a statement in September and noted that he did request his release from AEW but later, stated he was not leaving and was just taking some time off and that “everything is fine”.

Anyway, I will see you guys in a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months. Like I said, I’m only taking some time off, that’s it. Just taking some time off. There’s no conspiracy to this. Just taking some time off, all right? I will see you guys soon, take care of yourself. Stop believing any other narrative. Like right now, I’ve debunked it. There’s nothing going on. Don’t believe these people. Don’t write opinions, believe it, nothing. I’m fine, I’m going to be fine, everything is fine. You’ll see me right back with AEW pretty soon. I’m just gonna take some time, that’s it and guys, last thing before I leave, don’t make me some instrument for this whole tribalism, us versus them thing because I don’t do that stuff. I don’t do the whole team AEW versus team WWE. I don’t play that. To me, this is a business. This is genuinely a business in the sense of the way it’s a business. This is my job, this is what I do for a living, this is how I’ve made my living for the past 12, 13 years of my life. I’ve been in the business since the 2000s. Okay, so thank you for those who have been supportive of me, thank you for your nice messages.

Buddy Matthews and Brody King have not appeared on AEW programming since Grand Slam when they lost a No Disqualification match against Sting & Darby Allin on the September 21st edition of Rampage.